Monday, February 2, 2015

Cup Cake Pillow Cases!

Well, Hello! Hello!
My goodness where did January go?
And I love February. . .
I know I have been away from my blog for several weeks.
Life some times gets in the way.
And to tell you the truth, I haven't felt well,
Therefore I had nothing of interest to show you.
Today I am going to share with you my 
Cup Cake Pillowcases!
Well I think everyone should have Cup Cakes Pillowcases.
It makes me happy!
(Not good lighting in my bedroom, so pictures are not the best)
I like to make my own pillowcases. By making my own
I get the variety of cute printed pillowcases on my pillows.
I found an easy way to make the "cuff" of the pillowcase
Without the seams showing!
I am sure many of you sewers know how to do this.
It is call the "burrito" way of making a pillowcase.
Someone told me about it, and tried to explain it,
But I just couldn't figure it out.
So. . .of course I Google-d it, and a blog came up.
She had easy instructions to follow and. . . WaLa! 
I have these adorable  "seam not showing" pillowcases.
At Christmas time I made 12 of them to give to my
Grand Children,  They loved them,  
Even the 20-somethings, loved them.
I have been sewing away on pillowcases.  
Now I am making Valentine ones.
I hope I can get on my regular blogging schedule.
Oh, wait. . I don't have a regular schedule.
I just blog when I have something to show you.
Well, I hope I won't be away for a long period of time like 
I have this last month. . . .Like I said.
Life just gets in the way of "things".
I hope all is well. . the winter months can be brutal.
Here in Utah, it has been dry. . hardly any snow in the valleys.
That isn't good for us.  We need snow storms.
So please say a little prayer that the good Lord
Will send moisture to the western part of the country.
Hope to see you soon.

Here is the blog I went to for directions to make the
"Burrito" style pillowcase.