Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just Puttering

Well hello there.
I really am here. . .I have done a few things to post.
I really did decorate for Valentine Day.
Not very much. . .But I did set a few thing out.
I know it is gone and past, but I will still show you 

I even made treats for my children and Grands.
Home Made Bread!
Cinnamon Rolls.
They loved it. . !
You see I haven't posted much because I have some
Health issues going on.
And I just don't feel up to doing a lot.
My decorating just stays the same.
I did feel good enough to "update"
My Aunt Carol Hutch.
Oh, how I love this hutch.
Every time I look at it. .it reminds me of my 
Aunt Carol.
 And my blogging friend Sheila at
Has the sister  to this hutch. . 
Well, we are sure they are related in some way.
So there you have the few things I have been
Puttering with lately.
Oh, I have some easy projects I am doing right now.
I have a crochet doily I am working on.
I keep saying I won't stay away from my blog for very long.
But, then reality sets in and I to slow down a bit.
So visit often, you never know when there will be a new post.


  1. Karie, hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself. I haven't posted since November. Got a new computer and I just don't feel comfortable with it yet. Plus, I have had some health issues also. I am feeling better - so hope to get one published soon.
    Take care and stay warm dear friend.

  2. Hi Karie! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Sending prayers that you'll be yourself soon. I love seeing what you did for Valentine's day and of course you know how I love your Aunt Carol Hutch. Her cousin says hello! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hope you feel better! Your post are really great and I love to read them.

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