Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March in Review. . .!

Well, Hello There!
I feel like I am just beginning my blog.
I have been away for way too long.
I am so sorry.
You are always not far from my mind and my heart.
I will tell you. . .I have had a rough few months.
I have not been well.  And it has taken a toll on me.  
I am normally a healthy, happy  person. . But. . 
I have really struggled these past few months.
I hope I am on the mend now.
And I can get back to tending to my blog.
I appreciate everyone that has stuck by me, and check to see
If I had posted yet.
I really don't have anything new to show you.
So if you don't mind I am going to show some of my pictures from previous
March Blog posts.
One of my favorite March decorations is the little
Shamrock Tea Set.
I have one and so does my daughter.

My daughter is a little St. Patrick Girl.
So I have always loved decorating for 
St. Patrick's Day

Plus you add my Irish heritage, and I really like the holiday.
Wow! after looking at past blog posts. I can see I have got to get busy.
I don't have hardly anything out for 
March, and St. Patrick's Day.

My crocheted shamrocks.
And an adorable cup a friend gave to me.
And in turn I gave to my daughter.

Love this shamrock garland on my shelf.

The cute lollies went up after the shamrocks.
I still have these,  I will have to use them again this year.

I love to change things for the holidays.  Although I don't do very much
any more.  So much work is involved.  
But, I still have to have a little something out for the month.
Be sure to come back.   I hope I am back in the swing of posting
Now that I am feeling better.
I have been crocheting a few things, and I am excited to show you what 
I have made.
Hugs to all.