Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thread Day

Well Hello Friends!
And Hello last day of April.
My, oh my, where is the time going.
It is gorgeous weather where I live.
I need to be in my tiny yard getting flowers in.
But instead I have been puttering inside my home,
Nothing like spring cleaning. . .Honestly I love it.
Refreshing, refreshing!
Now hopefully in the next few days I can get busy outside.
Well today is
Let's see what Little Dot has for us today.
I have been crocheting dish clothes.
Ya, they are easy, and quick and I like them.
If you haven't used the crocheted clothes you are really missing out.
They are much better than store bought dish clothes.
I have a couple of patterns that are my favorites.
This one is just a simple Granny Square.
I posted another pattern HERE
I just make whatever fancies me.
Mother's Day is coming up, so I wanted to have some
Gifts on hand to give.  These make the best gifts.
While I am watching t.v. or taking a break from other things.
I like to crochet.   My hands are always busy.
My Grandma taught me well.
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful  day
Wherever you are may you be able to see the good.
See ya in MAY!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Is New To Me

Well, hello friends!
It is a beautiful spring morning where I live.
In fact it is beyond gorgeous!!!
I was out early taking pictures of the beautiful
world the Lord had created for me to enjoy.
I just had to share with you my changes in my living room.
I am thrilled when I can find something that belonged
to some else, and is in perfect condition, was cheap, and now
belongs to me. . . 
Well, that is what I found with my living room couch.
I have actually had this couch for 2 years.
 It was in my basement family room.  
Of course there is a story behind me finding this couch.
Which I won't go into . . .but let me say I bought it from
a professional baseball player for the Philly's.
Ya! Can you believe it.
My intention to begin with was to change my couches.
Put this older couch in my basement, and put
the newer couch in the living room.
That was 2 years ago.
Well, the older couch couldn't make the turn
down my stairs.
(yes, my movers were complaining) hehehe!
So long story short, I put the "new to me couch"
in the basement family room, and kept the
"old" couch in the living room.
Well, needless to say the "old" couch got older.
It was showing it's age.
I convinced my movers to make the change for me.
I LOVE it! I love the style, and I love the comfort.
And one of the best things is it fits my living more much better 
than the "old"one.  Also, it didn't cost me anything to make the change.
Right now, I don't have the m.o.n.e.y to make changes that I
would like to make.  
But, this beautiful couch is 
Of course one change leads to another.
I Spring-ified. my shelf in the living room.
Oh, how I like decorating this shelf.
Painted my initial K.  I like it!
Well, there you have the
New To Me!
All things are clean, and refreshed.
Before the changes were in place I did a little
spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning always makes a home, fell like new.
Now I will start on a room or two, and make then
feel new to me.
Have an awesome day.  Enjoy some sunshine.

"Some old -fashioned things 
like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat."
                              Laura Inggals Wilder

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Thread Day

Well, hello friends!
I hope your week is going well thus far.
We still have a few more days in the month of April
Where is the time going???
I have been doing all kinds of projects.
In between not feeling very well, because of allergies,
I have been working on a few things while staying inside.
Good thing I only have a tiny patio area because I need to be outside.
But, with allergies so bad right now, I am staying inside
 away from the pollen
A bit of sewing and crocheting has been done.
Today is my Thread Day.
I was in JoAnn's last night and found the cutest
fabric for July. . .Yes, I said July.
It is always good to be on top of things.
Which usually I am not!
My little Dot is sewing away. . (she is named after my Grandma)
Oh how I love fabric.
When I saw this fat-quarter bundle I just had to have it.
Just look at that red, white, and blue!
Oh, and the banner print is so adorable.
It just so happens I need to make some cute July pillow covers.
This is perfect. . . and my banner for my porch.
Oh, I can't wait to start stitching.
I have another project going on the sewing machine right now.
When it is finished, I will start creating with the July fabric.
I can't wait to show you.
And I will be showing you the project I am doing now.
Just as soon as it is finished.
I am slow. . .some days. . .(most days.)
So. . .what have you been creating with your thread?
Crocheting, knitting, sewing, cross-stitch, quilting . .
Whatever involves thread. . .
Did I say I love fabric, and I love yarn, and thread. . and 
 the list goes on and on.
Have a wonderful day.
Always find the sunshine in your life.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiered Centerpiece Arrangement

Hello dear friends,
Hope you are all doing well,
And enjoying some Spring time weather.
It is gorgeous where I live.
The snow capped mountains with the
Crystal clear blue sky is magnificent
To look at.
In the spring my heart turns to working in my yard,
But this year I have allergies so bad. . .
And today is one of those days, I have to be inside.
But, I want to be outside.
Oh, well. . such is life, the tiny yard will wait for me.
I love blogging for so many reasons.
Friendships is number one. . .But something
else goes on in Blogland. . .the newest and latest trends
for my home are out there. . .I like ideas.
The latest craze I have noticed is
Tiered arrangements. . .using all kinds of things.
Who would have thought that  tiered
galvanized pans would be so popular?
Well I just had to do something like this.
So I used my beautiful Tiered Cake Plates that
my friend Sue gave to me as a gift.
I most certainly went to Pinterest for ideas on what I wanted
Oh, do I ever love Pinterest!
I really like it on my coffee table.  And of course my
doily adds to my visual appeal.  I used some
smaller doilies in the arrangement.
The two bottom plates. 
And the top tier.  I didn't know what to do with the top one
so I made a little next for the little blue bird.
I think it is a pretty little next to top off the arrangement.
My little tired arrangement can be seen from all sides.
So I had to decorate all the way around.
My cute faux flowers, a candle, a bird, and a ceramic rose.
Plus a doily on two of the tiers.
So there you have it. . .my three tiered cake stand.
Turned into a sweet spring arrangement.
After take the Easter things to storage.
I thought, "What am I going to do now."
 Blogland and Pinterest gave me the inspiration I needed.
I would still like to make a galvanized one.
But that project is way down on my list of
Things to do and Things I can afford.
Do ya know what I mean?

Hope your day is great.
May you always have the sunshine in your life.
Live in The Light!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Today Is The Sabbath

Today is The Sabbath.
And I rejoice.
I love Sunday's. . There are many things about
Sunday that makes me happy and makes me smile.

Of course it is because I am able to worship my
Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
I go to church, I meet friends who believe the say as I do.
I rejoice by singing beautiful hymn,
I reflect on the Love, and Tender Mercy
the Savior has for me.
I rest from my weekly labors,
I am able to relax my mind, my body
And renew my soul with the things of God.
I ponder the Scriptures, 
The words of God are spoken to me from
The Bible
The Book of Mormon
The Doctrine and Covenants,
The Pearl of Great Price.
Most of all I renew my covenants with
The Lord, by partaking of His Sacrament.
I love The Sabbath.
My Day of devotion to my Lord and Savior.
Jesus Christ.

I hope your Sunday is beautiful and well spent. . 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Flowers for Remembering

Well hello my dear friends.
last time I left you I had 
Faux Pansy's.
Well now I have real live flowers.
Yeah! for real . . . flowers.

I just had to have some "real" flowers in my home.
These are my Remembering Bouquet.
For a very special person.
April Showers are suppose to bring May flowers.
And I certainly hope the showers we got a few days ago
Gives us not only flowers, but drinking water.
Oh, it was a good snow storm. . .one we needed very much.
The Western United States is suffering with a drought.
None the less, I will have flowers in my tiny yard.
I am going to plant a few flowers in a few weeks.
I need my flowers.
For now I will enjoy a few fresh ones from the store, and florist
I love the bright color in this one.
I am actually in the process of changing the accent
color in my bedroom to a light coral.
This color has always appealed to me.
I can hardly wait for the one little rose bush I have to bloom.
It is so delicate.  It has grown under the most difficult circumstances.
I am going to transplant it in a few weeks.  I hope it survives.
And I may get me one more rose bush.
I love Roses. . Don't you?
Actually I love all the flowers. . .but I am always drawn to the
Rose. . I call it the mother of all flowers.
Well, I hope you are enjoying the spring time.
April is a delightful month. . and it doesn't last long.
Soon we will be in May. . .and all the world is green and beautiful.
Be sure to come back. . . OK?
Hugs to all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pansy's For The Day

Hello, Hello My Friends,
Well, Easter is behind us, and now it is time
To enjoy some Spring Time.
Oh, wait, it isn't much like Spring right now where I live.
But then again maybe it is. . 
The wind is howling up a storm.
Temperatures are dropping
I don't like the howling wind.  It gives me a nervous feeling.
But all is well in my little home.
I have the Pansy's on display.
I don't care that they are faux!
As my friend Sheila at Note Songs would say
"I like my faux and my faux likes me"
This beautiful pansy picture was given to me several years ago
From a dear friend.  It has moved around a lot.
It has been in various rooms in my house.
I like it!
My HOME on the shelf will be there for awhile.  
Oh, who am I kidding.  I will have it changed.
Some things, I will keep the same, and other things, I am 
Always changing out.
There is my little Milk Glass pitcher with Pansy's
Love, love pansy's.
They have cute little faces.
I haven't planted any yet.  But I will soon.
Today I should have been outside weeding and getting ready to plant soon.
The weather was good, except for the wind.
I have allergies, and I just could not be outside.
The gardening will have to wait.
It is only April,  and I have time. 
Thank goodness for Faux flowers.  
It always makes a home seem cheerful and happy
When there are flowers.

Be sure to come back soon.
I hope to have a little project or two finished to show you.

Hugs to you,

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Broken Things Mended. . The Little Lamb

Happy Easter!
What a glorious season this is.
The Promise, 
The Peace 
The Hope, 

Over 60 years ago I bought this Little Lamb.
I saw it at a drug store my Aunt worked in.
I ask my Mother if I could buy it and she said
I would have to earn the money.
I did little chores around the house.  
I dusted, I swept the kitchen  floor, and I helped 
With the dishes.  
I tended my little brother when ask.
Soon I had the $1.00 I needed to buy this 
Little Lamb.
A short time later my Mother died in a tragic 
auto accident.
My brother and I moved away from our home
and lived with Grandma Dot.
We were cherished and loved by Grandma and our other
Grandparents.  We had many Aunts and Uncles
who loved and cherished us also.
But my little heart was broken.
One day I was dusting my bedroom and I dropped the 
Little Lamb!
I cried and cried. . .I thought my precious 
Little Lamb was shattered forever.
Grandma helped me glue it back together
the best she could.  There was a piece we
could never find.
The Little Lamb has scars. . . .and it has a hole,
But the Little Lamb has been well taken care of
Very protected and given much love.
A few years ago I came across a Little Lamb very similar to
My Little Lamb.  It was old but had never been broken.
I purchased this Little Lamb also and carefully brought it home.
Both Little Lambs are a reminder to me. . 
Broken Things Can Be Mended.
Grandma helped "glue" my little broken heart and soul.
She showed me how I can still go on even with scars,
and a hole in my heart.
She taught me about the 
Savior Jesus Christ.
He is the One that Mends my heart,
Wipes my tears, and helps me endure with happiness.
Broken Things are Mended
 Through Jesus Christ
The Atonement made it possible for all of us to
Be glued back to together again
And made Perfect.

I Stand All Amazed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Family Home Evening And Easter

Hello my friends. . 
I know it is has been awhile since I updated my blog.
I am feeling a little better, and I am happy to report
It is good to feel good.
I thought I would share with you my
bunnies I made for my Grandkids.
I made these for ALL of the Grands.
Big and Small.
I don't think my older Grandson's thought they 
were that great. . .But I told the oldest. 
"You will receive little foo-fooie things from me as long as I live."
Which I hope is a long long time.
He just smiled. Deep down I think he like it.
Of course they are filled with candy.  
We all love Reece's Peanut Butter Easter Eggs.
(I have to be careful, I could eat a lot of them.  Just sayin)
We had our Family Home Evening on Monday night.
I have it once a month at my home.  
Those in the family that can come, come and those that
can't make it. . .come the next time.
My Church
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
encourages each and every family to have one evening
every week that they spend time together learning about the
Savior, Jesus Christ.
It need not be long, just a short lesson, games, and of course treats.
Since it is the week before Easter. our lesson Monday night
was on Jesus Christ.
Of course it is always on Him, but Monday we focused
on his Sacrifice and His Atonement.
As I gathered my children in prayer, I was so overcome
with joy for the great Plan of Happiness that the Lord
has given to me.  I am so blessed to have 4 children who all
live so close to me.  My Grandchildren are delightful.
And I love them so much.  Each one is helpful and kind to me.
I consider myself a very blessed person, in-spite of my imperfections.
But then isn't that what the Atonement is about?
His Grace perfects me.
We sang the hymn, 
"I Stand All Amazed."
Our singing voices are not the best, but the Spirit was strong 
in my little living room.  and our hearts were in the right place 
Each and every day I stand all amazed.
Little crocheted Easter bunnies filled with treats
along with prayers, singing, and a lesson on the Savior
made my heart rejoice.
Like I said I will be making and giving little
Foo-Fooie things for as long as I live.
For you see the little Fooie thingies are an expression
of my love and my gratitude..
I love to make things and give them away.
I believe that is what the Lord intended for us to do.
He gave us talents that me might share and give to
others.  I ask for nothing in return, but I have found
The more I give the more I receive.

Be sure to visit again.