Friday, April 17, 2015

Flowers for Remembering

Well hello my dear friends.
last time I left you I had 
Faux Pansy's.
Well now I have real live flowers.
Yeah! for real . . . flowers.

I just had to have some "real" flowers in my home.
These are my Remembering Bouquet.
For a very special person.
April Showers are suppose to bring May flowers.
And I certainly hope the showers we got a few days ago
Gives us not only flowers, but drinking water.
Oh, it was a good snow storm. . .one we needed very much.
The Western United States is suffering with a drought.
None the less, I will have flowers in my tiny yard.
I am going to plant a few flowers in a few weeks.
I need my flowers.
For now I will enjoy a few fresh ones from the store, and florist
I love the bright color in this one.
I am actually in the process of changing the accent
color in my bedroom to a light coral.
This color has always appealed to me.
I can hardly wait for the one little rose bush I have to bloom.
It is so delicate.  It has grown under the most difficult circumstances.
I am going to transplant it in a few weeks.  I hope it survives.
And I may get me one more rose bush.
I love Roses. . Don't you?
Actually I love all the flowers. . .but I am always drawn to the
Rose. . I call it the mother of all flowers.
Well, I hope you are enjoying the spring time.
April is a delightful month. . and it doesn't last long.
Soon we will be in May. . .and all the world is green and beautiful.
Be sure to come back. . . OK?
Hugs to all.