Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Is New To Me

Well, hello friends!
It is a beautiful spring morning where I live.
In fact it is beyond gorgeous!!!
I was out early taking pictures of the beautiful
world the Lord had created for me to enjoy.
I just had to share with you my changes in my living room.
I am thrilled when I can find something that belonged
to some else, and is in perfect condition, was cheap, and now
belongs to me. . . 
Well, that is what I found with my living room couch.
I have actually had this couch for 2 years.
 It was in my basement family room.  
Of course there is a story behind me finding this couch.
Which I won't go into . . .but let me say I bought it from
a professional baseball player for the Philly's.
Ya! Can you believe it.
My intention to begin with was to change my couches.
Put this older couch in my basement, and put
the newer couch in the living room.
That was 2 years ago.
Well, the older couch couldn't make the turn
down my stairs.
(yes, my movers were complaining) hehehe!
So long story short, I put the "new to me couch"
in the basement family room, and kept the
"old" couch in the living room.
Well, needless to say the "old" couch got older.
It was showing it's age.
I convinced my movers to make the change for me.
I LOVE it! I love the style, and I love the comfort.
And one of the best things is it fits my living more much better 
than the "old"one.  Also, it didn't cost me anything to make the change.
Right now, I don't have the m.o.n.e.y to make changes that I
would like to make.  
But, this beautiful couch is 
Of course one change leads to another.
I Spring-ified. my shelf in the living room.
Oh, how I like decorating this shelf.
Painted my initial K.  I like it!
Well, there you have the
New To Me!
All things are clean, and refreshed.
Before the changes were in place I did a little
spring cleaning.
Spring cleaning always makes a home, fell like new.
Now I will start on a room or two, and make then
feel new to me.
Have an awesome day.  Enjoy some sunshine.

"Some old -fashioned things 
like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat."
                              Laura Inggals Wilder

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