Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pansy's For The Day

Hello, Hello My Friends,
Well, Easter is behind us, and now it is time
To enjoy some Spring Time.
Oh, wait, it isn't much like Spring right now where I live.
But then again maybe it is. . 
The wind is howling up a storm.
Temperatures are dropping
I don't like the howling wind.  It gives me a nervous feeling.
But all is well in my little home.
I have the Pansy's on display.
I don't care that they are faux!
As my friend Sheila at Note Songs would say
"I like my faux and my faux likes me"
This beautiful pansy picture was given to me several years ago
From a dear friend.  It has moved around a lot.
It has been in various rooms in my house.
I like it!
My HOME on the shelf will be there for awhile.  
Oh, who am I kidding.  I will have it changed.
Some things, I will keep the same, and other things, I am 
Always changing out.
There is my little Milk Glass pitcher with Pansy's
Love, love pansy's.
They have cute little faces.
I haven't planted any yet.  But I will soon.
Today I should have been outside weeding and getting ready to plant soon.
The weather was good, except for the wind.
I have allergies, and I just could not be outside.
The gardening will have to wait.
It is only April,  and I have time. 
Thank goodness for Faux flowers.  
It always makes a home seem cheerful and happy
When there are flowers.

Be sure to come back soon.
I hope to have a little project or two finished to show you.

Hugs to you,