Saturday, April 4, 2015

Broken Things Mended. . The Little Lamb

Happy Easter!
What a glorious season this is.
The Promise, 
The Peace 
The Hope, 

Over 60 years ago I bought this Little Lamb.
I saw it at a drug store my Aunt worked in.
I ask my Mother if I could buy it and she said
I would have to earn the money.
I did little chores around the house.  
I dusted, I swept the kitchen  floor, and I helped 
With the dishes.  
I tended my little brother when ask.
Soon I had the $1.00 I needed to buy this 
Little Lamb.
A short time later my Mother died in a tragic 
auto accident.
My brother and I moved away from our home
and lived with Grandma Dot.
We were cherished and loved by Grandma and our other
Grandparents.  We had many Aunts and Uncles
who loved and cherished us also.
But my little heart was broken.
One day I was dusting my bedroom and I dropped the 
Little Lamb!
I cried and cried. . .I thought my precious 
Little Lamb was shattered forever.
Grandma helped me glue it back together
the best she could.  There was a piece we
could never find.
The Little Lamb has scars. . . .and it has a hole,
But the Little Lamb has been well taken care of
Very protected and given much love.
A few years ago I came across a Little Lamb very similar to
My Little Lamb.  It was old but had never been broken.
I purchased this Little Lamb also and carefully brought it home.
Both Little Lambs are a reminder to me. . 
Broken Things Can Be Mended.
Grandma helped "glue" my little broken heart and soul.
She showed me how I can still go on even with scars,
and a hole in my heart.
She taught me about the 
Savior Jesus Christ.
He is the One that Mends my heart,
Wipes my tears, and helps me endure with happiness.
Broken Things are Mended
 Through Jesus Christ
The Atonement made it possible for all of us to
Be glued back to together again
And made Perfect.

I Stand All Amazed.