Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thread Day

Well Hello Friends!
And Hello last day of April.
My, oh my, where is the time going.
It is gorgeous weather where I live.
I need to be in my tiny yard getting flowers in.
But instead I have been puttering inside my home,
Nothing like spring cleaning. . .Honestly I love it.
Refreshing, refreshing!
Now hopefully in the next few days I can get busy outside.
Well today is
Let's see what Little Dot has for us today.
I have been crocheting dish clothes.
Ya, they are easy, and quick and I like them.
If you haven't used the crocheted clothes you are really missing out.
They are much better than store bought dish clothes.
I have a couple of patterns that are my favorites.
This one is just a simple Granny Square.
I posted another pattern HERE
I just make whatever fancies me.
Mother's Day is coming up, so I wanted to have some
Gifts on hand to give.  These make the best gifts.
While I am watching t.v. or taking a break from other things.
I like to crochet.   My hands are always busy.
My Grandma taught me well.
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful  day
Wherever you are may you be able to see the good.
See ya in MAY!

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