Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiered Centerpiece Arrangement

Hello dear friends,
Hope you are all doing well,
And enjoying some Spring time weather.
It is gorgeous where I live.
The snow capped mountains with the
Crystal clear blue sky is magnificent
To look at.
In the spring my heart turns to working in my yard,
But this year I have allergies so bad. . .
And today is one of those days, I have to be inside.
But, I want to be outside.
Oh, well. . such is life, the tiny yard will wait for me.
I love blogging for so many reasons.
Friendships is number one. . .But something
else goes on in Blogland. . .the newest and latest trends
for my home are out there. . .I like ideas.
The latest craze I have noticed is
Tiered arrangements. . .using all kinds of things.
Who would have thought that  tiered
galvanized pans would be so popular?
Well I just had to do something like this.
So I used my beautiful Tiered Cake Plates that
my friend Sue gave to me as a gift.
I most certainly went to Pinterest for ideas on what I wanted
Oh, do I ever love Pinterest!
I really like it on my coffee table.  And of course my
doily adds to my visual appeal.  I used some
smaller doilies in the arrangement.
The two bottom plates. 
And the top tier.  I didn't know what to do with the top one
so I made a little next for the little blue bird.
I think it is a pretty little next to top off the arrangement.
My little tired arrangement can be seen from all sides.
So I had to decorate all the way around.
My cute faux flowers, a candle, a bird, and a ceramic rose.
Plus a doily on two of the tiers.
So there you have it. . .my three tiered cake stand.
Turned into a sweet spring arrangement.
After take the Easter things to storage.
I thought, "What am I going to do now."
 Blogland and Pinterest gave me the inspiration I needed.
I would still like to make a galvanized one.
But that project is way down on my list of
Things to do and Things I can afford.
Do ya know what I mean?

Hope your day is great.
May you always have the sunshine in your life.
Live in The Light!

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