Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flowers Brighten My Day

It is rainy and dreary today.
I am not complaining though.
It is a blessing that we are receiving the rain.
But. . .I kind of like to have sunny days in May.
I am just sayin!
Just look at this beautiful Lily that just came out in full bloom.
It is in the beautiful bouquet my children gave me for
Mother's Day.
I love it when flowers will last a long time.
Roses usually don't last very long.
But look at the ones in my bouquet.
I love to walk into a room and see beautiful blooming flowers.
I should have picked the roses in my yard before the rain came.
But, I have these beautiful flowers to enjoy.
I love the color!
It is a bright yellow and it is BIG!
It really doesn't take much to put a smile on my face.
Nor to brighten my day.
Flowers will always make me happy.
I love them.
I hope I can enjoy this beautiful bouquet a little longer.
There are a couple of buds from the Lily I would like to see bloom.
Tomorrow the weather is again going to be rainy and dreary.
That is ok, I love being home, with my flowers.
I hope flowers brighten your day also.

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  1. Your bouquet is very beautiful and how nice of your children to give them to you for Mothers Day.
    Enjoy them.....


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