Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Have Been Featured

I am so thrilled!
I have been featured at
Brenda who is the author and owner of
She has featured my living room make-over.
Now mind you, Cozy Little House doesn't need a shout out from 
Karie's Chic Creations, because I am just a small little
drop in the bucket. . .compared to Cozy Little House.
I am a nobody out there in Blog-land
But Cozy Little House is BIG!
I am very honored to be featured twice on this blog.
(these are pictures of her pretend family she was an abandoned child)
Brenda, has an amazing story. . her life journey is very interesting.
She is honest and open about her life.
I admire someone who can tell their story.
I have learned a lot about life from reading her story.
Everyone has a story to tell. . .We can look to others and 
see what their life has been like, and we can glean important
lessons for our own life.
Brenda is a survivor. . .I admire her.
I like people who are honest and truthful.
Someone who is genuine.

I read her blog every day.  
She takes beautiful pictures of nature.
She shows how you can live a full life on a small income.
Her home is small, and is decorated with color and life.
Like me she has two little Yorkie's that are her babies.
The outside patio of her tiny home is decorated with her
plants, and full of color also.
 Can you see why I am so honored to be featured by 
Take some time and visit Brenda.  Read her story.
And view her beautiful little home
And it is a home, a Cozy Little House
I am sure you can see why I enjoy reading her blog.
By the way she is a professional writer.

Oh, and a little note:  Did you see the little photo-bomber in this
picture.  That is my little Teddy Roosevelt.
Oh he is a stinker.  When he see me with my
camera, he wants to be in the picture.
Little Stinker.  But I love him and little Cash so much.
I hope you are having a wonderful May!
I am. . .Keep the sunshine in your life.
Even when it is cloudy and overcast!


  1. Hi Karie! Congratulations on your feature! I totally agree with you about Brenda and her blog! Your room looks beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Congrats girl! Brenda does have a great blog! Your living room is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!


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