Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It Keeps Me Going

Well, hello everyone!
I hope your week is going well.
I am so looking forward to the long weekend.
All though now I am retired, all weekends are long for me.
It has been rainy days this week where I live.
And it looks like more is coming . . 
I don't mind, I like the rain.  But I do need to 
get to my little patio yard and finish planting.
Oh, well it will wait. . .
In the mean time I have inside things that need to
be completed.
I love this little sign my children gave me.
My daughter-in-law found the letters and put it together.
I love it.
My kids know me very well.
Oh, yes!
My home is full of Love, Laughter and
Lots and Lots of
I pop that can as soon as my eyes are open.
It is the "sauce" that gives me my get up and go.
Even if I am not getting up and going.  
I still drink it.
I like it!
This sign looks very cute in my kitchen with my
Coke Cola tin sign.
And a lot of other Coke Cola things.
So here is to you. . gulp, gulp!
Have a wonderful day.
(Don't judge me. . .I can drink Diet Coke)

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  1. Love the sign Karie - it looks good. Be happy that you are getting rain. We are in a drought situation and it's really bad.
    Have a great weekend dear friend.


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