Monday, May 25, 2015

Scrapbooking Ideas

Hello dear friends.  
I am happy to have you here.
I am getting ready to have my 
"huge" extended Family Reunion.
Yes, I am Leader of the pack. . .
And I am a little nervous about it.
You see I come from a large extended family.
I have 36 first cousins.
And hundreds of second and third and fourth cousins.

 I expect there to be over 100 people at this reunion.  So I have been on Pinterest trying to get ideas to make a special book for everyone.  Yes, I am one of those people that thinks I have to have everything perfect. . .and have something for everyone.
And yes, I come up with my ideas when time is running out.

Oh, dear, what have I got myself into?
I found some great idea. . .Now I have to find the time.

I love this quote.

Of course I am overwhelmed with ideas circling in my head.  I have to remember the best thing about a
Family Reunion, is just being together.  Some of us have not seen each other since childhood days.
I have a sweet cousins who are helping me with all of this.  They are wonderful.  The park is all reserved.  Everyone is to bring their own picnic lunch.  I even have a DJ coming so we can dance.  Hahahah!
We have a Family History day planned the day before the Reunion Picnic.  I have so many old photos of
Great-great and Great and Grandparents.  And many of the cousins have old photos too.  So we will have a chance to add more to our memory books.  
Well, I think I have plenty of ideas.  Now I have to get to work on this Family Book.  
If you have any ideas for a large family reunion, please share.  I would love to hear what other families have done to draw everyone closer, and share the memories.  
I will certainly keep you posted on how things are going.
And after the reunion I will have a lot of pictures for sure.
I love pictures!
Remember to be thankful for those who came before.


  1. Oh Karie, you are going to have so much fun. I have been to a few on my mothers side of the family and we had about 100+. It wa so much fun meeting relatives for the first time. Someone had done a big time line and posted it on the wall. Was very interesting. You may want to have some duplicate pictures of g.grandparents that relatives can take,
    Have fun - your really going to love it.

  2. Karie, that's amazingly large family get together. xoox Su


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