Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Days of May

Oh My Goodness!
What a week I have had.
I am sorry I am just now posting. . 
The modem for my internet went out
So I have been without the internet.
Can I just say it is a boring life without
the internet. . Oh, I have been busy, but
I constantly wanted to look something up, or
catch up on Facebook, check my blog, and
do some visiting with my favorite blogs and finding
new blogs.  I have really missed everyone in Blog-land
And then I was dealing with some sad things in my
extended family.  You know it is hard when people who
have always been in your life grow old and either die, or
have terrible things happen to them, like strokes.
A very dear Aunt suffered a stroke this past week, and I
am so sad.  She is my Dad's youngest sister and the only
one living of my Dad's 8 siblings.  I have been very
close to my Aunt Madeline, and it saddens me to watch her
grow old and have so many health problems.
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will bless her,
and if it is time for her to complete her journey on this earth
she will pass to the next phase of our existence.  For I know
that death does not end our life.  We continue to live.

I love the month of
I sometimes wish it would always be May
all year long.  
But I know that isn't the way it is. . .
I do like the four seasons.
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
It is just that I like some months better than others.

I have a full 12 month set of these cute little embroidery months.
I did them several years ago.  I change them out each month.
 I am afraid I am not going to be able to do Counted Cross Stitch
for much longer.  My eyesight is not as good as it use to be.
I may have to get magnifying glasses so I can see to do the stitches..
I really enjoy embroidering. 
The rain has let up for a couple of days, so while I was without
internet I worked in my tiny yard.
I will show you pictures later.
One reason I like May so much is that I can work in my yard
planting, and fussing around and it isn't too hard.
The mornings are delightful, and even afternoons are not that hot.
I want to get everything planted and looking nice,
I hope you are having a lovely May.
Please do check back soon.

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  1. Oh Karie,
    So sorry that you have had such a time with computer problems and that your dear Aunt had a stroke. Unfortunately we all have that journey to make when God calls us.
    Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Spring weekend.


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