Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cleaning Grandma's Yard

Oh, thank goodness for 
My poor little tiny yard. . 
It has been looking very bad.
It was looking good this spring,
And then the heat hit hard
I do not do well in anything over 80 degrees.
So when it is over 100, I stay in the house
where it is air-conditioned.
And then to add to my sad little yard,
I have very poor soil.
I need to bring some good soil in to help
the little plants and shrubs.
My flowers just don't grow like I want them too.
The drought has really taken a toll on the flowers.
The Hosta's have done fairly well.
But something is eating the leafs.
Oh, dear!
And as you can see the flowers I planted in the
pots did not do well.  It was too hot!
My little backyard gets quite a bit of sun.
The only things that have grown are so 
Sun Flowers that I planted.
I just threw the seeds here and there
and low and behold they are growing.
Oh, how I hope I have big Sun Flowers.

Well, today was 
"Help Grandma Day".
Four of the Grand kids came to Grandma's rescue.
They were a delight to have.
So willing to help me, and so much fun.
And let me tell you they worked hard.
My tiny backyard looks much better, and I feel better.
(I didn't show all the weeds)
Suffice it to say the roots on the weeds, went to China!
And as you can see the little Terrorists, Teddy and Cash
got in on some of the fun.
They love the Grands!
Now it is up to me to keep the weeds away.
So much work still needs to be done.
I have arranged and re-arranged my little back yard,
Almost as much as I do my inside.
Some day I will have it the way I want it.
Hope you are loving your little or big yards.
"She who loves a garden loves the wonders of creation
and appreciates the joy  that flowers bring."
(From Mary Englebreit's book, She Who Loves A Garden.)

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  1. So glad that you got the help you wanted and from such cuties too!!


  2. Help is always wanted as we get olden. Your garden is suffering like mine with this drought. Check out my last post and see how terrible my garden is. I pulled up all my veggies as they were terrible. The sunflowers did good, but have lost 2 rose bushes.
    Take care of yourself and don't go out in that heat.
    Hugs to you dear sweet friend.


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