Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Little Bit of Change

I know the weather doesn't seem like it is soon to be fall.  But it is on it's way.  I usually don't do any Fall decorating until after Labor Day, but I am going to so a little bit now.
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the season.  I love the weather, I love football games, I love hearing the chatter of children on the play grounds, I love seeing the school buses transporting the sweet young students.  I just love it all.   Fall is a time of change, and change is certainly something that is definately going to happen.  The days are shorter, the nights are cozier, and it is a time of family and friends.  
Just so you know I have made a few changes in my life.  I am no longer considered retired.  I loved being retired, but retirement didn't pay the bills.  I have had to go back to work.  Thankfully it is part time doing what I love to do.  Secretary in one of the local elementary schools.  It fits me perfect.  Working with wonderful people and enjoying being in the schools.  Part time is all I can handle right now, and it will help to ease the worry of living on such a low amount of money.  Life is hard at times.  I was left a widow at a very young age, and it seems I could never make up for the wages he made.  Not only suffering the horrible effects of the loss of the love of my life, but struggling for many many years to survive with a good quality of life.  I have been blessed.  I can not complain, so many have it much worse.  I am thankful for loving adult children that when the time came, they could help me out.  I have have been watched over by my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know His eye is ever upon me.  There were lessons I needed to learn on my journey, and I hope I learned them well.  I thank Him for guiding me, and helping me to find the work I needed all in His time and in His way. So with that said.  I am ok.  I am happy, and I will continue to endure loving and helping and trying to do His will.
Life is about change and nothing stays the same.
I have found I need not fear change.
For the Lord has put the power of faith in our hearts not fear.

For I will go and do as the Lord commands.
He will provide the way for me to accomplish his command. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Changing Things

Well hello, my good friends.
Do you ever need just a little change?
Well, I do. . I like to change things around.
But, the funny thing is in life, I don't like change!
I am one of those people who can't handle my life
situation to change.  
But, in my home, I like to change things.
Nothing big, just little things.
This little yellow book case has been in my sewing/craft room.
Last year I painted it yellow and I loved it in my creative space.
But. . . I didn't get to really enjoy it.
The shelves were used for boxes and small baskets of "stuff".
I wanted to look at it. . and I wanted a place to put my little
treasures. My knick nacks. My little pretties.
So I made a change.
I moved the book case into my living room.
That way I can decorate and enjoy seeing all my
little treasures.
I have to admit I am having a little bit of a hard time
adjusting to the yellow in my living room.
I am going to leave it the way it is. . and in a few weeks
if it still is not just right for my tastes, I will paint the book case.
Isn't paint wonderful.  If you are tired of a color, or it
just isn't right for you. . you just bring out the paint.
I like the idea of having space to showcase all my pretty things.
I feel that if you have pretty things, you should show case them.
Enjoy them.  I don't like having the things I love in
cupboards or closets.
Oh, I realize I can't have everything out. . but at least now
I can change the shelves on the book case and showcase
so many more of my little pretty treasures.
I will play with it for a while and see how it works for me.
Who knows, I may put it some where else in my house.
Life is about change. Nothing stays the same.
(boy isn't that the truth.)
Have a wonderful time with the remaining days of August.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Houses Become Homes

I like to go back to my hometown, The Motherland
And take picture of some of the houses there.
It seems they have so many of the old homes,
that have been taken care of. I like to see a home that is well care for.
I think it says a lot about a person, Someone who takes care of their home and 
surroundings in my opinion is a good steward to the things the Lord has given them.
I believe we have lost something by not taking pride in our homes.
As I ride around the town I live in now, there seems to be so many who
don't take care of their yards, and their houses.Weeds grow in front of the house,
 no flower beds, and no trees. You can tell from the outside that the inside
is also in disrepair.What a sad thing it is. . . parents are not teaching their children to
take pride in their surrounds,and to take care of things.
But, who am I to judge? 
As for me, I like a tidy home,  and the outside is as important asthe inside. 
 I don't like my surroundings to be in shambles. So having said that, I thought I would show you some of
the lovely old homes from my hometown.
Just look at that front porch. Is that not gorgeous? So inviting.  Oh, how I wish I had a big porch.
I think I would spend all my time just sitting and enjoying the outside and listening to nature.
This home has always been well taken care of. When I was a young girl, a friend of mine lived here.
It was beautiful 60 years ago, and is even more beautiful now. The front is actually a build in porch. 
 So charming.
Behind those trees sits a gorgeous home, with a history. Few people in my hometown or in 
Utah know about this house.Let's see if you recognize the architecture
If you guessed Frank Lloyd Wright. . you are right. The plans for this house are from Frank Lloyd Wright.
It sits on a corner lot in The Motherland. And few even recognize the unique design of the home.  
I have not been inside for many years. But, I am sure it is still beautiful and well taken care of.
This picture was taken about 30 years ago.  You can see how lovely it was then. 
It has had several owners, and each one is a great care-taker.
This house no longer stands.  It is one of my ancestors home. When the Pioneer's entered the great valley of
Salt Lake, the Prophet Brigham Young sent families to various areas in the territory. 
 He told them to take care of the land, to build homes, and grown orchards, and gardens.
And we are still counseled today to take care of the land.We are stewards of this great earth.  
We are too be responsible and take care and replenish it. One way is to take care of the little plot of 
earth we call ours is. Our homes, are to be well taken care of.  Flowers, trees and vegetables are to adorn our yards.  We should be industrious, and work to keep things in good repair.Cleanliness, is of up-most importance.
The earth is ours to borrow.  
We have not inherited the earth from
our fathers. We are borrowing it from our children.
(Native American Saying)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Garden In August

Well, I am a few days late in greeting 
With a grand Hello.
None the less she is welcome as could be.
Beautiful August!
It is a good thing I took these picture of my
flowers yesterday, because today
the wind is blowing and the rain clouds are
rolling across the sky.
I am happy as could be at how well the little plot of a garden is growing.
My oh My!
The Zinnias as beautiful.
And the sunflowers are growing so tall
They will soon be blooming.
Just look at how pretty the color is!
It is even prettier in it's natural place.
The potted plants are looking good on the back porch.
I will bring them in when it gets cold so I can continue to
enjoy them. 
I even did a little changing on the front porch.
I spruced it up for late summer
until I September comes
then I will change it to Fall-ish.
I spray painted a few little glass bottles
to put in the wall basket.
I sure am glad I found that cute little
metal wall hanging at Hobby Lobby's last year.
I have fun putting different things in it according to the season.
(Just another thing to fuss with)!
Oh, what pretties!
I am enjoying these little pretties in the late summer of August.
But, I have my eye on the catalogs for next spring.
You have to keep ahead of the season, and think of what will come next.
But, for now I will enjoy 
and my little plot of flowers.
How does your garden grown?

She who loves a garden
likes to make the earth more lovely
and enjoys the beauty she's contributing.
(Mary Engelbreit)

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