Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Pickering Cousin's Home Continued

So here is the wrap up of the beautiful home of my cousin Evelyn Ellsworth Page. I hope you have enjoyed seeing one of the beautiful old pioneer homes that is in my Motherland. . There are several.  I hope to show you more of the old homes.  I hope you enjoy my Great-Great Aunt Cloketa's home which now belongs to her daughter Evelyn, and will some day go to Evelyn's son.

I showed you earlier the top of the beautiful wood mirror
This is the table that sits under it, at the foot of the stairway.
Another beautiful piece of  needle point that
Evelyn does has made.
Oil painting done by Evelyn's sister Verdene.

As you can see the family carries the creative Pickering gene.
Creativity and talents are abundant in my Pickering family.
This beautiful "secretary" is a family heirloom.
It dates back to the early Pioneer Era.
Another pioneer treasure.  An old trunk that came
across the plains in the mid-1800 with 
Evelyn's Mormon Pioneer Ancestors.
And another Mormon Pioneer heirloom.
Oh, how I love old rocking chairs.
Another heirloom.  Oh the stories these treasures could tell.
A house is so much more than the brick and mortar.
 Love, Kindness, and Togetherness are the true
creators of a house that is a Home.
Again, I must say, I loved spending the day with my
special cousins, and enjoying the togetherness we share.
Visiting this lovely lady our cousin Evelyn was truly a blessing.

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