Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Ellsworth House~ In The Motherland

Hello dear friends.  Thanks you for stopping by.  I am always excited to see you comment, or just to take a peek of what I am up to.  Not much blogging lately.  Like I said before, this going back to work at my age, is really kicking my you know what.  But you do what you have to do and make the best of it.  I am truly blessed and happy.
I want to show you today a beautiful old home in my Hometown of Payson, Utah.  I call it the Motherland.  Because it is the place of my birth and my growing up. And the place where my ancestors settled over a hundred years ago.  It holds a very special place in my heart and it always will.  I have show you some of the older homes there.  It seems that the residents have taken such good care of this priceless heritage of homes.
The home  today belonged to my Great-Great Aunt Cloketa Pickering Ellsworth and her husband Uncle Wilford Ellsworth.  Aunt Cloketa is my Great-Grandpa Truman Pickering's youngest sister.  I remember her vividly.  I always loved going to her house.  She often had my Great-Grandpa for Sunday dinner, and we would drive him to her place.  She was a dear person.  Her daughter Evelyn Ellsworth Page now lives in the home with her husband.  They had updated the home, of course.  And they take beautiful care  of the home.
I have so many pictures to show you and history to tell you.  I think I will have to do this in two different posts.  I love old homes.  I have always said I want to renovate an old home, but I want an unlimited budget!
It will never happen in this life time.  
The early Ellsworth family started with this log house.  In the mid-1800 they came to help settle Payson.  The old log house is still standing.  Even the ancient log homes were durable. . .the log on the two cement pillars was a branch of a tree that Evelyn and her husband had to chop down.  The chair that is on the branch hung from the tree.  When they killed deer or any wild life, they would hang it in the tree.  The tree eventually grew the chain right into it.  The pine tree is one of the many trees on the property that has been there for hundreds of years. 
Oh what beauty, and to think it was built over 150 years ago. It has been so well maintained forever.
The early Ellsworth husband and wife.  I am sorry, I forgot to ask Evelyn the names of her grandparents.
And of course Aunt Cloketa or more fondly called Aunt Cloe and Uncle Wilford.  Uncle Wilford was a master carpenter.  He built many of the older homes in Payson.  And if he didn't build them, he helped.
Five generations of Pickering Cousins.  Evelyn is sitting in the chair. She is 87 years old. Just a beautiful sweet lady.  Well, I must say I think all of us Pickering's are beautiful sweet girls.  I am very proud of my heritage, and they families I descend from.  My cousins are treasures to me.  And these beautiful cousins are truly top of my list.  Vickie, Joan, Me and Claudia.  Evelyn is my Grandma Dot's first cousin. But, I say who ever is a cousin, is a cousin.  We all come from the same garden.  
Shall we take a look at the beautiful home.  My pictures do not do it justice.  It is much prettier.

Many pieces of art and beautiful wood furniture.

The beautiful chair Evelyn was sitting in.
The timeless beauty of the bow front china cabinet.
Just look at the beautiful wood working on this mirror.
It is an old family heirloom.  It is gorgeous.
And the stairway.  Is that not beautiful wood and wood work.
Mind you this is all hand worked.
The old fireplace has been modernized.  But what I want you to look at is the gorgeous piece of needle point handing above the fireplace.  Evelyn did that beautiful piece herself.  You can not imagine how beautiful it is in person.  It is breath-taking.  The time and work that went into it is amazing.  She is quite the lady.
Now, I have so much more to show you.  But I would over load you with pictures, so I will be back with more of the beautiful Pickering/Ellsworth/Page Home.  

Just one more look at the Pickering Cousins.  
I believe families are forever, and I am so thankful for that knowledge.  I also believe we are to be connected here on this earth.  Having family is a blessing from the Lord.  I am thankful, I have a connection with my many cousins.  I only have a few aunts and uncles left.  I thank the Lord each day for the influence of wonderful family and friends in my life.  
I hope you are surrounded with 

"The same associations we have in this life we will have in eternity"
Joseph Smith


  1. It's always so much fun to visit an old family home. We have a friend here in Texas whose last name is Pickering too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi Karie! My name is April and I too am part of the Pickering family. :) My grandma is Deanna Ellsworth which is Cloketa and Wilfords youngest daughter and Evelyn's youngest sister. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! My mom talks about Great Grandma Cloe all the time. You mentioned two pictures in your post the handsome gentleman is Grandpa German Ellsworth and the beautiful woman is Grandma Kerstina Nilsotter. I love hearing and seeing things about our ancestors. Thank you for posting!


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