Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sunrise Over The Oquirrh's

What a beautiful world we live in.  The showcase of God and His miracles of wonder.  I stand all amazed.
Sunrise Over The Oquirrah's
This is what I captured this morning as the sun was rising over the Oquirrh Mountain Range. I could not believe the beauty and the vibrant colors.  The different shades of orange, contrasted by the blackness of the mountains. Then with a touch of gray and blue in the sky. No person can capture the very essence of God's beauty.  Only by the amateur photographer I am could this scene be capture.
Good Morning Tooele Valley
There is an old saying my Grandmother often said, "Red sunrise in the morning a sailors warning. A red sunset at night a sailors delight." This Sunrise on this morning was my delight.  Such magnificent glory and beauty.  We certainly do live in a beautiful world.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Little Decorating And Enjoying The Season

Wow! That title is a long one for this post.  Yes, a little decorating and some helpful housekeeping advise.  I want to show you the cuteness of my Aunt Carol Hutch.  Oh, how I love her.  Yes, my Aunt Carol. . .and the hutch.  I have told you the story before so I won't go into it again.  But needless to say every time I decorate or look and ponder over the AC Hutch, I think of my Aunt Carol.  I loved her so much.
Here she is with my three son's.  Is that not precious?  She was a cutie. My children adored her also. My sons loved her and my daughter loved her almost as much as I loved her.  She is my Mom's oldest sister.  After my mother's death, my Aunt Carol watched over me, and loved and cared for me.  Though I never lived with her I spent hours and days with her and stayed at her house.  I miss her so much.
My Aunt Carol had a hutch like this one. I did not inherit her hutch. So when I saw this one for sale at a antique store,  I had to have it.  I love decorating it.  It is the one thing I enjoy so much in changing the displays on the Aunt Carol Hutch.  Here she is for the Fall Season.
My little rooster plates go perfectly with the Fall colors and display I have created. Love those plates, I found them several years ago at Pier 1. (the little red rooster in the background is a creamer). I just had to have it. How could I pass up a red one? I think my roosters look good with the sunflowers in the red pitcher.
The crocheted pumpkins were made by me.  I went through a phase where I crocheted a lot of pumpkins.  I gave them away as gifts, and I still have baskets full of pumpkins.  I really like them.
My collection of glass insulators are on the top of the hutch.  Along with some of my pottery.  Berry vine for decoration along with the lanterns.  
Some people may wonder "why go to all the bother of decorating and especially changing things around"?  Well, I say it is for enjoyment.  I like pretty things.  I like to fuss and muss (is that a word?).  I like to poke little faux flowers in water pitchers.  I like to display cute little red rooster creamers, and I like to display my salt and pepper collection.  I am a homemaker!  And I am very proud of it.  I like to fuss in my home.  I think it would be very boring to live in a house void of cherished memories, beautiful furnishings, and lots of color.  I think it would be boring to have bare walls, and floors, and shelves, and tables.  Not to mention what I think of when I am in a messy, clutter unorganized home.  Unmade beds, dirty dishes and clutter every where makes me nervous, upset and disgusted.  
So there she is all decked out in her Autumn finery.  Sweet memories come to mind as I look at her and admire her beauty.  She is nothing fancy, she is simple, and sweet and makes me smile.  My Aunt Carol Hutch is an added adornment to home.  Just like Aunt Carol she is beautiful.  I recently read somewhere that people have always adorned their houses with things they love.  It gives comfort to the soul to have objects in our homes, that evokes memories of happy times, and places.  I certainly am surrounded with many things that I have held onto through the years that reminds me of someone, or someplace.  Or just simply the object is gives me enjoyment.  How about you, do you have things in your home that evokes memories, good memories of happy times, or gives you comfort?  Is not our homes and extention of our personalities?  Our creativity? Our energy?  I think so. . . .and I hope my home gives comfort to those who enter.  
Have a wonderful October, it is a beautiful time of the year.  The sun shines bright, the trees, and flowers sing beautiful songs of glory, and the sky. . .well the October sky is the bluest of blue.  I have mountains that are adorned in bright colors of, red, orange, green, and brown.  They are majestic.  I love living where I do.  The change of seasons, the beautiful mountains, the blue sky and people who are kind and caring.  

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Klj's Fall Decor

Well, hello beautiful October day.  I hope my friends are all doing well.  I have been "under the weather" ( a nice way to say I have been sick).  I guess I picked up something that is common  this time of year.  I certainly hope I am on the mend, because I do not, I repeat, I do not like being sick.  Thank goodness before I became sick, I did a little Fall Decorating.  I am telling you right now, I have simplified.
I wonder sometimes why I think I have to change some of my decor for the seasons.  I guess, it is because I have always done it.  And I like a little change every now and then.  Oh, when my children were growing up, I decorated and changed all the time.  I have plastic bins stored in my basement full of seasonal decorations. This year, I decided it was time to SIMPLIFY.  So I went to the bins and chose some of the things I wanted to decorate with this year.  Kind of made me sad to see the things I have always used, and they are now stored away and will probably not be used. . . . .until someone other than myself wants them.  I know I get a little attached to things.  I am a sentimentalist.  
I love to decorate this little shelf.  I pretend it is a mantle.  In my former life I had a mantle, but when you move and life changes, you pretend. . .I really am happy with shelf decorating.  It is fun and I enjoy it.
A few of favorites are those cute little "character ghosts".  I have said it before, I am surrounded by characters, so why not have a few sitting around the house.  For decoration of course.  And the little plates, I LOVE.  I have tried to find plates like them in the different seasons, and I have not been successful.  I don't even remember where I got those adorable plates.  I have had them for a long time.
The gallery wall is the focal point in my living room.  I am about to change it though.  Oh, I will keep it as a gallery wall, but I have another idea for the frames.  Just wait and see.  I hope it comes together soon.
There you have a full view of the room.  Except, of course the wall behind me.  Can I just say, I love my little home.  It is small compared to my other homes, but this is Home to me right now.  I have wonderful neighbors, I enjoy the LDS Ward I belong to.  I am close to shopping. I am centrally located to all of my children. I am not a person that likes to change (except my decorating). I especially don't like to move my home base.  There are many reasons why I have a hard time with change, and I won't get into that here, but I really believe a person needs to "nest". Stay put. . especially when you have children.  It is hard for children to be constantly changing where they live. I also believe you need to stay close to family. 
I also like decorating my coffee table.  There has been a lot of activity around this coffee table.  One of the favorite spots for my Grand kids to color, and eat snacks.  Hey, yes, I am a Grandma that let's them have snacks in the living area.  I have never had a spill, besides spills can be cleaned up.  Time spent around a little table listening to their chatter, and watching them color their beautiful pictures, are priceless moments.  And they go so fast.  Soon their world opens wider and wider, and time spent sitting at the little coffee table  at Grandma's isn't at the top of their "to do" list.  Although they still do come to visit.  
Some of my other favorite things are the cute little witches shoes.  They are actually salt and pepper shakers! Are they not the cutest things? And my little October Precious Moments.  I have collected Precious Moments for a long, long time.  I have each month that my children's birthdays are in.  October is my son Mark's, birthday month.  So of course little October Precious Moment is sitting out.  And the amber footed bowl is so pretty.  I got it a few years ago, It is such a lovely piece of glass.  I like amber colored glass.  I know it is not quite as popular as other colors, but for me I love it.  Amber is so warm and cozy to me.
I changed this wall a little.  I moved the black buffet that my great-Aunt gave me, and put my little yellow bookshelf on this wall.  This bookshelf was in my craft room. (Which happens to be in transition right now). I have had a little bit of hard time having the yellow in my living room.  It seems too bright to me.  With the black framed LDS Salt Lake Temple picture, the yellow just seems to much. But, I have to say after decorating with some of my Fall decorations, I like it better.  But. . . I still think there will be a painting job in a few weeks to change the color of the bookshelf.  I can't believe I make so much work for myself.
Last but never least. . .these little Character Terrorists have photo bombed just about every photo I have taken for this post.  I had to crop them out of several.  They are such little sweethearts, and I don't know what I would do without them.  But they are just like my little human sweethearts, they are Characters.  I have told you I am surrounded by Characters! Teddy and Cash are no different from the children, and the grands, they are Characters, overflowing with personality.  To tell you the truth, at times they terrorize me.  Like right now, I am on the computer putting together this post, and they are wanting my attention.  Therefore they are getting into a lot of trouble.  A few months ago I went back to work part-time.  Just four hours a day.  Oh, the Terrorists are not happy about that.  Momma, is not home for them.  The first few weeks little Teddy, the main Terrorists was very naughty.  He had to go to time out several times.  Teddy's is the character, Cash is more mellow and obedient.  But not my Ted! 
So there you have my Fall Decor for the living room.
I will show you the kitchen hutch in a few days.
I hope you are happy and enjoying some
beautiful October weather where you live.
Be sure to come back. 
Please let me know you visited.

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