Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sunrise Over The Oquirrh's

What a beautiful world we live in.  The showcase of God and His miracles of wonder.  I stand all amazed.
Sunrise Over The Oquirrah's
This is what I captured this morning as the sun was rising over the Oquirrh Mountain Range. I could not believe the beauty and the vibrant colors.  The different shades of orange, contrasted by the blackness of the mountains. Then with a touch of gray and blue in the sky. No person can capture the very essence of God's beauty.  Only by the amateur photographer I am could this scene be capture.
Good Morning Tooele Valley
There is an old saying my Grandmother often said, "Red sunrise in the morning a sailors warning. A red sunset at night a sailors delight." This Sunrise on this morning was my delight.  Such magnificent glory and beauty.  We certainly do live in a beautiful world.