Friday, November 6, 2015

Variety~ Something To Be Thankful For

Well, hello friends,  And how are you today.  It is a cold and windy day where I live.  We have even had snow flakes falling at times.  The sky is a dark gray.  So I know it isn't over yet.  But, hey, it is November, and this is what we expect the weather to do like in November.
I have been thinking how grateful I am for Variety or some may say Diversity, in my life.  I like having choices. . . and the love the Variety the world in which we live in has such Variety.
The earth offers us so much!
I live where there are mountains with snow, and red cliffs of the desert.
But my favorite thing is the Variety of Family and Friends
Isn't it wonderful that we live in such a wonderful world.  Variety, Diversity, Choice, Freedom.  And especially Acceptance.  This is something I am so thankful for.  I hope I can recognize the Variety in my life as the blessing it is intended to be. 
I hope you enjoy the Variety in your world today and every day.


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