Wednesday, November 11, 2015

With Gratitude To Our Veteran's

With much gratitude in my heart today I honor those who have served our country, and those who are serving today.  God Bless You!
I proudly honor those from my own family who have served.  My Dad, Leo Daley served in World War II, along with my uncles, Richard Beddoes, Carl Fowler, and Frank Morgan.  My Uncle Tom Daley served in the Korean War.  My brother-in laws, Ervin Jackson, and Brent Jackson and my cousin, Brent Fowler served in the Viet Nam War.  My husband Lloyd Jackson served in the Army state side during the Viet Nam War.  My daughter-in-law, Melanie Jackson was a nurse serving in Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War. 
Words will never be sufficient in thanking the brave and the valiant, who each day put their lives on the line for this great Nation, The United States of American, and for all Freedom loving people.
Thank You.

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