Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Merry Christmas From My Home

It is Christmas Eve, and in anticipation everyone is waiting for Santa to arrive.  Including me!  This season is beautiful.  And even with all the stress and work it causes me, I love this time of year.  It truly is a Merry Christmas.  The Angels proclaimed so many thousands of years ago, A Savior is Born!

We decorate our homes, and wrap gifts.  We greet each other with a cheerful Merry Christmas.  And so it is we gather together to celebrate a sacred day. . . and sing our hymns of praise. . 

From one generation to another, the traditions are carried.  A tree, with ornaments, each reminding me of Christmas Pasts. Pictures to remind me of sweet memories.  The color red, and green are my preferred decorations for Christmas.  Carried from one generation to the next.  

The light and the shadows are unique to this time of year.  The shortest day, the long winters night.  I like the way the sun casts it beams upon the wall.  It gives me comfort, and warms my heart.  It makes me feel at home. I remember the Christmas Past with my Grandma, and how the room looked all decked out for Christmas, and the shadow of the day, and it made me feel at home.  Remembering!

The "Aunt Carol" Hutch is ready for the Christmas Season.  She is outstanding.  She is a sweet reminder to me of my dear precious Aunt Carol.  At night the glow from the little lamp warms the room, with memories of  my Aunt, who taught me so much.  She helped me grow and to learn the art of homemaking.  

The greenery, the Santa's, and the little deer peeking over the pines makes me happy to look at.  They too are reminders that God loves the earth and everything therein. . .the animals know Him, and He knows them.  If we could understand we would hear them proclaiming. . . . A Savior Is Born!

I wonder some times when I am exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the season, why, oh why do I do all of this. . .and then the day arrives, and I realize why. . .It is done with Celebration in my heart and soul. . A Savior Is Born! And I want everyone to know. . I BELIEVE! And I decorate with my Red and Green, my Santa's, my Snowmen, my little things that brings back memories. . . because of Him who was born so long ago. . .He lives, He lives. . .and I Celebrate to give glory to Him!

Merry Christmas to all. . Merry Christmas to all. . .
May the Peace of the Savior, Jesus Christ fill your homes, your families, and all those you love and care for.  For His Peace surpasses all understanding. . .He is the Light. . .He is the Way. . .He is the Living Waters.
A Savior has been born. . and His name is Jesus Christ.  

God Bless you all.

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