Monday, January 18, 2016

January Hutch

Well, hello to you.  I am glad you stopped by.  I want to show you my "Aunt Carol" Hutch all dressed in blue.  I think Blue is an appropriate color for January.  It just seems to be a blue month to me.  Do you color code the months of the year?  Well, I do. . .I have heard that some people color code days of the week.  I am not there (yes), but I do give months colors.  I guess it is just a little quirk of mine!  Oh, I have many quirks . . .just sayin.
I am sure you don't remember but way back in the summer a sweet lady gave me these beautiful blue dishes.
At the time I was trying to downsize my collection of dishes. . but hey! I just had to have these. And they were free.  How do you pass that up?
I love the color blue. . therefor these dishes are right at home with me.
The perfect place for them is displayed in the "Aunt Carol" Hutch.
I love looking at them.
Here is the little cow creamer. . she is so cute.
I have my snowmen displayed and some of my milk glass.
(I love my milk glass)
The white roosters and hens are mixed in there also.
A teapot and sugar bowl and creamer are also there.
Can you see the little blue Fiesta-Ware salt and pepper shakers?
Well, they belonged to my Grandma. 
January Blue
The little milk glass lamp is also one of my favorites.
Plus it gives the my little dining area a comforting glow at night.
I am happy with the Blue January Hutch.  This hutch always brings back memories of my Auntie.  It didn't belong to her, but it is like the one she had.  Don't you just love things that bring sweet memories to your mind?  I do. . And this hutch is beautiful in my home.  It is not a piece I would ever paint.  The wood is too beautiful to cover with paint.  
What projects do I have going right now?  Well, I have been doing counted-cross stitch.  I can't wait to show you what I have done.  That will be for the next post.  Hope you are doing well, and staying busy.  Keeping your hands busy it keeps the winter blah's away.  Anyway it does for me.  
 See you soon!
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  1. Your Aunt Carol hutch looks so cute- love the blue and white dishes and roosters on there. I think going blue seems natural in January especially after the holidays and the colors used then. Visiting from A Stroll Thru Life.

  2. That's a very lovely hutch and the blue and white dishes are so pretty!

  3. That's a very lovely hutch and the blue and white dishes are so pretty!

  4. I love your collection and you displayed it so beautifully!! And, like you, there is no way I could paint over a lovely hutch like that! I'm glad you popped in for a visit so I found your blog - I look forward to browsing around some more!

  5. It looks beautiful. And no, don't ever pass up anything that is free, especially if it is that pretty.


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