Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slow Going For Me!

I am a little, (a lot) slow at blogging.  So sorry,  I really don't mean to be neglectful, but I guess I really am.  You have been on my mind, and when I get a chance I check on everyone.  But I certainly have been slow getting to my blog and letting you know I am still here.
left me in a hurry.  For being a long month it sure did go by fast.  
So now it is
And I am determined it is not going to get past me so fast.  And it is a short month. 
Well, none the less, I do have proof that I did not waste my days in January.  I have 20 inches of snow in my yard, so that tells you I have spent a lot of time inside working on my projects.                                           
I follow a cute little blog called Priscillas (click here) she stitches the most beautiful cross stitch. While visiting her blog I noticed all the cute "chalkboard" counted cross stitches she has done.  I love to cross stitch also, so of course, I wanted to do the "chalkboard".  Oh, let me tell you.. . . . I love it! But, it is hard! Cross stitching on black cloth is HARD!  But. . . Oh! The design is so fun and I love it.  
Don't tell anyone but I unpicked a lot of stitches.  Black cloth is not very forgiving.  Nor is the pattern.  Shhhh!  Don't tell!  My next one has improved. . .Thank goodness!
I will be showing the February one in a few days.  
Please do come back.  And leave a note to tell me you have been here.  I love hearing from you.
I was in a panic when I saw that I had lost some of my followers, but then I read Marty's post at 
A Stroll Thru Life and she said you have to be signed in with a Google Account to follow the blogs now.
I was afraid some of my friends didn't like me any more :(  That would make me sad.
So please get a Google Account if you don't have one, and follow me back.  
I thought I would leave you with a pictures of my Little Terrorists.
Teddy and Cash
They are on neighborhood patrol. . I feel so secure!

Please sure to come back again.

I am joining Share Your Cup


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