Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter ~ A Glorious Time of The Year

I just love Easter!
So here is a little show of Easter in my Home.
We have a big Easter Picnic planned for later today.
Saturday is the day we play and have our picnic.
Sunday is reserved always for Church
And giving thanks for the glorious 
Atonement and Resurrection of
Jesus Christ.
Spring means Easter. . .Little bunnies are suppose to welcome
all the pretty flowers and sunshine and blue skies.
But, I live in Utah and we never know what we might get
for our Easter weather.  Especially when Easter falls in late March.
So. . having said that. . .
We will be having our Easter Saturday Picnic in
Yip, this is what we woke up to this morning.
Snow is beautiful. . . but. . . not at Easter time!
We, will just have to make adjustments to our plans
The main this is that we are together as a family.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter. . .
It really is the most glorious time.

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