Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring and Easter Greetings

Well Hello my friends.  I don't know if you noticed or not I have been MIA. . . Nothing serious, just life.  Darn it sometimes things get in the way of the things I want to do.  Like tend to my blog.  But, I am still kickin' and ready to show my simple little Spring/Easter front porch.  It really isn't a porch as far as I am concerned, it is more of a "stoup", which I say is "stupidly small."!  Any way I do my best to decorate it.  Because you know I am just a Foo, Foo person.  Ah not to be mistaken by a foolish person! Nope, not me.

Cute bottles spray painted blue.  And NO! I do not drink the
beverage that comes from these bottles.  Nope! Not Me!
but I do like the shape and cuteness of the bottles.
So . . . I have sweet friends who give them to me.
I took these pictures in the late afternoon.
Not very good snaps.  So I fixed them up the best I could 
You get the picture. . .Not quite time for my cute little bench
to come out.  It is the bench that makes the porch have cuteness.
It is a beautiful day here in Northern Utah. 70 degrees.
No worries though. . it won't stay this way.
It may feel like Spring has arrived but it is going to change
By Tuesday, we will have snow. . 
When you live in Utah you get accustom to the weather changing from 
sunny and bright to snow and rain in a matter of minutes.
At least I have the porch all ready for Spring and Easter. It makes me happy and cheerful when I come home and I am greeted by my cheerful Front Porch. I hope you have a wonderful day and you are enjoying sunshine. Actually you can always carry sunshine in your heart.


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