Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day Junking With Cousins

Well, Hello everyone.
I am so glad you have come to visit.
I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather like
we are here in Utah.
It is gorgeous. . blue skies, sunny, and not to hot.
Just right!
A few days ago I met up with my Cousins.
Karma, Joan and Vickie.
Oh, how I love these gals.  We come from the same garden. . .you know.
We needed some time together and time Junking and being with our Aunt.
We were able to do it all in one day.
First we went to Reclaimology. . they were having a show.
What fun it was. . to wander through the many booths of reclaimed beauty.
I passed up buying so many things I would  like to have.
There was so much, that I couldn't decide. . and then when I 
went back to buy something. . .it was gone!
Story of my life.
There were some really cute ideas too.
I took a lot of pictures, and most of them didn't turn out very good.
Being the picture taker that I am you would have thought I would
bring my good Canon camera. . .Oh, no!
I left it home, so I was taking pictures with my phone.
And they just didn't turn out very good.
Needless to say it was a fun filled day.
After Reclaimology we went to visit my Great-Aunt Colleen.
She is 86 years old and still very active in-spite of some health challenges.
I know I have shown her beautiful yard before, but I
don't think I have shown her beautiful
Magnolia Tree when it is in full bloom
I didn't think we could grow Magnolia's in Utah
But my Aunt Colleen sure can.
Here she is sweet Auntie. What a sweetheart she is.
I have had some wonderful times with her. . .she has taught me so much.
We had lunch with her at her home, and we talked, and giggled and 
had so much fun.  She has taken up oil painting again.  I will show you some
of her paintings in another post.
I truly believe it is good for the soul to get together with family, and
friends often. It sure makes me feel good after I have been with
them.  Well this day was no different.
Love you Cousins and Auntie so much.
 Hugs to all.

BTW, our next Saturday together is in May. 
Fleaology is being held. . it is our favorite.


  1. What a beautiful family you have. You are right it is great being with family and friends.

  2. Oh how special to meet up with your cousins and Aunt. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with them.

    I just love Spring so much and it sounds like you do to.

    So glad to see your post.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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