Monday, April 4, 2016

A Hankie ~ Families Are Forever

Hello to everyone this beautiful April day.  
A few weeks ago I attended the dedication of a new
Temple of The Lord.
It is a blessed event that we hold very sacred.
I am a Mormon!
Yes, I belong to 
The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The Temple Dedication was for the
Provo City Center Temple
Located in the beautiful city of Provo, Utah.
The first Temple Dedication I attended was in  February 1972
The Provo Temple
Is also location in Provo, Utah
At the beautiful foot of the Wasatch Mountains.
The Provo Temple was the first temple to be dedicated in Utah
since the Salt Lake Temple, which was dedicated in 1895
I personally felt so humble that I would be able to attend the dedication.
All who attend the dedication  of the temple must bring a white hankie, 
which is used in the dedication ceremony.
In 1972 my Granny Daley was still alive and I ask her to
crochet a white hankie for me.
She was so happy that I would ask her to do that.
This is the beautiful hankie she crocheted for me.
Since 1972 I have attended seven temple dedications.
Each time, I take this beautiful hankie my Granny crocheted for me
to the dedication. It was with me when I went  to the temple 
to be sealed for time and all eternity to my beloved husband.

The temple is a Holy House to the Lord.
It is where eternal ordinances  are performed so that
Families can be together Forever.
Temple's are a magnificent blessing to the people of this earth.
The Lord blesses us through the Covenants we make in 
His Holy House.
I love and cherish my white hankie, but more than  that
I love and cherish the covenants I have made.  I know that
some day I will be with my beloved family.
Families Are Forever.

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to attend the dedication to the new temple. Your white hankie is so pretty and made by your loving Grandmother.

    I haven't heard from you for quite a while so I was hoping that everything is okay. Stop by my two latest's post to see my gardens in bloom. I feel this is work of the Lord also.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


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