Monday, August 8, 2016

Homes of the Old Western Frontier~ Kanab, Utah

My friend recently took a little road trip to Southern Utah to visit my friends and family.  Particularly my brother and his family who live in Kanab, Utah. What a great time we had.  The trip was short but full of memories.  One of the things I like to do is travel the back highways and see the little western communities.  I like to see old houses that were once cherished homes of strong and industrious families who lived in harsh elements and far from the growing cities of the West.  My imagination will wonder and search for what it must have been like for them. I have been to Kanab many times, but this time I stopped long enough to take pictures of two houses that have always caught my eye. They have been well taken care of over the century plus years they have existed.  Beautiful structures that are call Home.  "If only wall could talk."

Roses were easy for the early settlers to grow.  It seems there is always roses
that line the front fence, and a rose garden to the side of the house.

Old houses have multiple porches.  I love the big old front and side porches.
 Love this house with the unique architecture 
 The front steps and porch or situated at an angle.  I also love the 
front boy windows.
 Sandstone brick. . .remember this is red rock country.
Notice the colored spindles on the porch.
 There were lots of trees planted to cool the homes from the
hot desert summers in Southern Utah.
 Tree lined streets and large grassy areas.  I can picture a lot of
picnics and family and friend gathers on the large lots.
Beautiful homes of the long ago past. Well preserved and some restored
to their original beauty.  My imagination can go wild in picturing what it must
have been like for the people living here.  I know life was not easy, seldom is it even now
but no matter the day or the time or the century we live in we can cherish
and be thankful for our wood and stone houses that we call home
Home Sweet Home.