Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Will Be Back

Hello my friends. Thank you for sticking with me. I have been away for a couple of months. I had a personal crisis. Just a little bump in the road of life. I am ok, I will be back blogging. Through this time period I have realized Karie's Chic Creations is good for me. I have made friends with people I have never seen. I follow your blogs and my blog friends inspire me, in many aspects of my life. I hope to share my life, my creations, my home just as you share with me.  So be patient with me. I will be posting real soon. Hugs to each of you.   Karie


  1. So sorry that you had a few bumps in the road. I know what that's like.
    So glad that you will be blogging again.


  2. I've missed you, Karie, and have often thought I should email you and check on you. Hope all is well, now. Looking forward to a decorating post! Take care!


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