Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Few of My Interests

Well Hello my dear friends!  I hope you are doing well and happy.  Can you believe we are coming upon Thanksgiving?  Oh my, oh my, how the time goes by.  It is all good though.  We are expecting our first snow storm within the next few hours.  I am glad. . . Yip, I love the change of season, and I love the snow. . that is in the winter I love the snow. . we have had snow in the spring, and I don't want it then, I want it now. . November and it is time for good ole snow.

I thought I would show you a slice of my life. . a few of my interests.  I have posted a lot about my crocheting and sewing, and furniture painting.  But, I do have other interests. And one I have recently started to do again.
I have been going to "Paint Night".  This is my latest painting.
I am really enjoying painting again. In fact that is all I want to do is paint.

To go along my obsession with painting, I have started "coloring"  
in coloring book.  Can I just say it is so relaxing and fun.
I found this fun coloring book at Wal-mart.  Now remember I am a
colorful person, so my paintings and coloring reflect that.
This coloring book has a page with each picture and it asks questions
such as what emotions I felt coloring this picture, or it will ask
what memories I have connected to a particular picture.
It is almost like a window into my life.

Being the journal writer that I am this coloring book has been 
fun for me to do.  Oh, there are many more pages
and I have many more books of coloring .  

Speaking of Journals

I have stacks of journals.  I write in my journal almost every day.
Yip, I am a journal keeper.  
I will let you have a little glimpse, but don't read what I write.
I have told my children, not until I am dead and gone are they
allowed to read my journals.  

I draw and I play with my handwriting. Just to make it interesting.

Journal writing is actually good mental therapy.  I am able to write
my thoughts and feeling down and somehow it makes me feel good.
I don't know when I started, I know I wrote in a diary as a young girl.
For a few years I just jotted down thoughts and activities and then
I evolved into a full routine of writing my thoughts and my
activities in a book.  Now I am doing a thing they call
Bullet Journaling.  It is really fun.  I will show you once
I get going with it.

So there you have a little idea of what my interests are and
what keeps me busy.

Have a wonderful November!


  1. Your painting look really good. I used to keep a journal, but for some reason I stopped, but will start up again.

    Stop by my latest post and see all the Christmas beauty I found in my trips, think you will enjoy it and give you some ideas for Christmas decorations.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  2. Karie, what a beautiful painting and coloring pages. I enjoy doing both those things, but haven't painted very much recently. I have some canvas and several new coloring books I need to get to work on. I find it very enjoyable to do. Are you still working? I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Take care.


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