Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorating - Oh Dear!

Well, I am a lost soul. I have not started the least bit of Christmas decorating. I am just beginning to put my fall decorations away. I am beginning to think all this changing of decor is a bunch of hooie! Now, I know Christmas is different but I am telling you decorating for every little holiday is wearing me out. I have done it for more years than I can count. I keep saying I am cutting back, and I really have considering how much I did when my children were young. But now I think I need to cut back a little more.

It could be I am just overwhelmed with everything. I have all these grandiose intentions and then I look realistically at my plans and I realize, oh no, I have too much on my plate.  So having said that, I think I will spend less time decorating and stressing over it all and enjoy the time and season.  It is really a wonderful time of the year.

So how about you.....do you go all out with decorating?   When do you begin your Christmas decorating?


  1. Usually I decorate, or start anyway, the day after Thanksgiving. But this year that didn't happen. I think I will have a scaled-down holiday in terms of decorating. My apartment just isn't big enough to go all out.

  2. I'm just doing the living area, and letting the other rooms go this year. I have plenty out in these areas, and that's going to be all I do. It's hard work to pack a lot of stuff back up, so let's make it easier on ourselves, I say!

  3. You are not alone Karie. I have really cut back and it's still to much.
    I have not started my shopping yet. My son said no presents mom. But how can I do that, so it will be just little ones.

    Have a great weekend and do only what you feel comfortable with.



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