Sunday, November 6, 2016

Times Are Changing

Oh, my goodness, where does time go.  It is November 6th.  Halloween is long over, we haven't had Thanksgiving (the forgotten holiday) and we are now on to Christmas.  On Tuesday November 8th we Americans will be going to the election polls to vote for a new President.  I won't touch that subject on my blog.  I have plenty to say but not here.  As they say, "Time Marches On", and if you aren't going to march onward Time will leave you in dust and rubble.  It seems sometimes I wish my life away.  And I am too old to do that.  I think if I only had this or that, or maybe in a few months things will be better.  Huh!  I have found it is better to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it,  look to the future with hope, and remember the past with a thankful heart.  I read a little saying that said something like this. . .
Don't be sad it is over, be happy it happened. 
I have found that it is best for me to find the blessings of the present. . . There is so much to be thankful for.
Time is  the natural changer of things.  We are in constant change.  Believe me I have had my share of change. And I struggle with change.  I know, I know, I am changing my home decor all the time, but that is different.  I mean the real life changers.  I have a hard time.  I think that is why I like things left the way they are. . .Don't move me, don't change the way I do things, just let me be. . 
Now today I have to deal with the time change.  Daylight Savings Time.  I would like to know where the savings is. . .It throws me into turmoil.  Ya, a silly thing like changing the clock back or forward.  I don't like it.  Just leave the clock the same. . I prefer the natural time which is Mountain Time for me.  This time change is easier for me that the one in the spring.  When we spring forward.  At least today I get my hour back. 

There are times when change is good. 
The little picture on the bottom is a flea market find.  
The painting of the daisies is beautiful.  But the frame was ugly!
  So with some tender loving care, white paint and some gold paint 
I was able to change it to something beautiful.
I love it.  And it looks so pretty hanging in my living room.

So you see time and change can be good under certain circumstances.  Some of the reason I took my break from blogging was because I had lost interest in blogging.  I wasn't the same as when I started 6 years ago. In the beginning the bloggers were all so kind, and often we made friendships through our blogs.  To me it seems it is too competitive.  Too commercial. . The fun of meeting new people and learning of their life behind the blog has been lost.  I miss that.  I still have my blogs I follow regularly. They are real people.  I have watched as they have gone through joys and sorrows.  Not only have I seen their creative genius, and have taken advise from them, but I have found friends. . They may not even know how much I enjoy reading their blogs.  For me I want the feeling of community in the blog land.  The way it once was.  Brenda from Cozy Little House, recently wrote a post about the change.  I totally agree with what she said.  If you have a chance you can read it here.  

Well I think I am rambling now.  So I had better get back to my latest and greatest time consuming project.
Coloring.  I will tell you about it in another blog.  Please do come back. . .



  1. I am into coloring, too! I love the mandalas! Love your picture frame makeover. Very true post! I don't handle change well either. Hope you have a great week, Karie.

  2. Karie, I am so with you on looking for the good and joy in each and every day! As for the election, I will not go there either. :) I feel blogging should be fun and uplifting! It certainly has changed, but I still feel a connection with so many. Some long blog friendships, like you and still continue to make new ones. I try to look for the positive in blogging and stay away from the negative. Welcome back! You have been missed! I don't always get around to visiting as much as I would like, but many (like you) pop into my thoughts often.


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