Friday, January 6, 2017

January I Love You

I truly do love January. For many reasons. It is cold, snowy, and some may say dreary, but I say January is a BEAUTIFUL month. Now tell me what other month begins with a huge celebration? With so much Hope for the future? With reflection of the past?
Ah! My beautiful JANUARY.  Did you know I think of the months in color, and January is Blue, which happens to be my favorite color.

Now, I have been thinking of the things in my life I want to enhance or bring into my everyday life. What will make me a better person? What will bring more happiness and enjoyment? What can I do to lessen the stress I feel? What can I do to make my little spot of earth a better place? What can I do to build my relationships with family and friends? Most important to me is how do I build my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ?

I will share with you what I think will help me in not only the future months of 2017, but they will help me to build my life, and bring more joy.

Stay tuned, I will be back . . .with my plan.

Have a wonderful weekend... and stay warm... it is -2 degrees where I live. But no worries I am snuggled in my cozy little home. Teddy and Cash are snuggled in with me. Oh how  content and secure I feel.


  1. Good for you, you sound so positive. Yes, January is a great beginning for so many things to come.

    Have a wonderful week



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