Monday, February 6, 2017

Crocheting Keeps Me Busy

Did you wonder where I have been? Well no where!!! It is winter and I just stay snuggled at home with the little Terrorists.  Teddy and Cash.
But a little yarn and a crochet hook keeps me busy. And soothes my tattered nerves.
My great Auntie told me a long time ago to crochet because it will help me when my nerves are fragile and worn. She was right. It has helped me.
I am building my stash of crochet gifts. 
A little red, pink, and white is being added to my home.
Just in time for Valentines. 
I really like February
It is a month closer to spring.
Come back, OK? I have a lot to show you
And to talk about. 

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