Thursday, April 27, 2017

Teddy and Cash

Ah, my sweet little fur babies....
What would I do without them?
This is how we spend our evenings.
All snuggled together.
We can hardly wait until it is time to settle
In the chair two little guys
And Momma. 
Snuggled together.
I had no idea how much comfort, security
And most of all love these two little dogs would give me.
Cash is obedient, sensitive, and gentle.
He has separation anxiety when I am gone.
He knows our routine and doesn't like change.
He wants only me. He stays close by me.
Oh, but Teddy is the spunky one.
He is always on patrol. Not much gets past him.
He thinks he owns the entire condo complex,
Oh goodness he thinks he owns the world!
They love me and I love them!
Yes, there are times they are a bother.....but
Not for long. They pretty much have
The run of the house.
Oh yes, we understand each other. 
They know when I am in need of comfort.
They know when I am having a good day.
When I am suffering with a migraine they know.
They lay at the foot of my bed and never leave me.

Little Yorkie's are "barkers". Somehow they know
When Momma is I'll with a migraine and they
Must be quiet.
So these little guys are my sweet companions. 
They do so much for me.
They make  me laugh.
They make me happy when I come home.
Their little dog legs are doing the
"Happy Dance".
They helped me to not feel alone.
They are life, action and movement in a 
Otherwise quiet home.
Teddy and Cash give more to me than I 
Could ever give them. about you? Do you have a dog to love?
I am always looking for better ways to take care of my little companions, 
I think everyone should have a fur baby. . I really do.
If you would like to know more about Yorkie's here is a very
helpful place to go......  PuppySpot

5 Basic Commands To Teach Your Dog.

We marvel at show dogs who show off their fancy tricks and agility skills, but before you can teach your pup how to jump through an obstacle course, it’s important to teach the basics. Many dog owners like to start with the following five obedience commands: sit, stay, come, lay down and leave it. These simple commands will be helpful in everyday interactions with your pup, and will serve as the foundation for training later on. Let’s get to work!
There’s more than one method for teaching your dog commands such as “sit,” so keep in mind that our suggestions are just that, and you’re free to use whatever method works best for you and your pup. The “sit” command is especially useful when combined with “stay” for times when you want your puppy to keep still.
1. Lure your pup with a tasty treat (or one of her favorite toys, if she’s not very food motivated).
2. Hold the lure above your pup’s head, causing her to lower into a sitting position. If necessary, guide her down by placing soft pressure on her rump.
3. As soon as she is sitting, say “sit!” while offering the treat and praise.
4. Repeat the practice a few times a day with breaks in between. Begin to reward her for sitting on the first attempt, and make rewards less and less frequent until she sits consistently on command.
Once your pup is an expert sitter, you can teach her “stay.” This command might be a challenge at first for a jumpy young puppy, but it’s a valuable tool in teaching obedience.
1. With treat in hand, have your pup sit in a familiar area with few distractions.
2. Hold out your palm towards her and back up, saying “stay!”
3. This next step involves a bit of luck. If she stays when you move back, then reward her with a *treat, even if the stay only lasted half a second. If she does not stay, repeat the process until she stays, and then give her the treat.
4. Repeat this exercise, moving a couple steps farther back every time your pup obeys consistently at a certain distance. Eventually, she’ll be able to stay at a distance with your voice command alone!
The “come” command is helpful for retrieving your pup and making sure she doesn’t get far from your sight or grasp. It can also help keep your pup from getting into a dangerous situation, such as if an aggressive dog approaches her on the street. Practice this command indoors or in a fenced area where your pup can’t escape.
1. While holding a treat, squat down in front of your pup, making eye contact and holding your arms outstretched before her.
2. Waving the treat in front of you, say “Come!” in a happy tone of voice. (Optional: If your dog is wearing a leash or collar, give her a gentle tug towards you.)
3. This position will most likely draw your pup towards you. When she approaches you, reward her with the treat and lots of praise, then let her get back to what she was doing before.
4. Repeat until your pup responds to the command without a treat, gradually increasing the distance every few times.
Lay Down
The “lay down” or “down” command is a common choice for dog owners to utilize, but it can also be difficult to accomplish since your dog may see laying down as a sign of submissiveness. Like all new tricks, this command will take some patience.
1. With a treat enclosed in your hand, start your pup in a sitting position.
2. Let your pup sniff the treat in your fist while using your other hand to gently hold down her shoulders.
3. Keeping your hand on her shoulders, quickly lower the treat to the ground while saying “Lay down,” and your pup’s body should follow.
4. This might be an uncomfortable position for your pup at first. As soon as her belly hits the floor, reward her with the treat and offer her soothing praises while slowly stroking her back.
5. Practice this command every day until your pup gets the hang of laying down without you making direct contact with her.

Leave It

Last on our list, the “leave it” command is not only useful when training your pup, but it can also be lifesaving. For example, if your dog gets her nose into a bag of chocolates or something contaminated by bacteria, you can use the “leave it” command to make your pup drop the object, sparing her from potential harm. This command will hopefully teach your pup that if she drops whatever interesting object she finds on the ground, she’ll get something even better in return!
1. For this command, you will need a “boring” treat and a tasty, more enticing treat. Hold the boring treat tightly in your fist while having the tasty treat nearby, but out of your pup’s reach.
2. Put your fist with the hidden treat near your pup’s nose and ignore her attempts to get at the treat.
3. Once she stops trying to get the treat, praise her and offer her the tasty treat instead.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until your puppy ignores the first treat on her own. Next time you hold the boring treat out in front of her, say “Leave it,” then pause a second before handing her the tasty treat.
5. Once you feel your pup is ready for this next step, place the boring treat on the floor while keeping your hand hovering above it, then practice the “leave it” command, quickly covering the treat before she can snatch it.
6. Keep practicing until your pup can ignore a treat that is out of your reach!
- See more at:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

As I sit in my home today and I ponder the significance of this day,
Easter Sunday, I realize the bounty of my blessing are the result of the great Redeemer,  Jesus Christ. My heart is filled with humble gratitude for Him. Because of what He did thousands of years ago, in the Garden of Gethsemane,  on the Cross of Calvary  and Garden Tomb, I and all who live can accept Him and His Atonement and live today surrounded in His Peace, His shelter, His love.

The Great Redeemer Lives

My favorite of all religious holiday.

Even my fur baby, Cash, is content and secure on this Easter Sunday. 

My pray is that we may all be partakers of

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Beautiful Granddaughter and The Prom

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing well
and hopefully enjoying some spring weather.

Here in Utah, it is typical Spring weather.
Some days are sunny and some days are snowy.
Go figure!

This last weekend was this little beauties
She is my granddaughter. . .and I think she is

The Prom in my little part of the world is a
Big Deal!
A young girl anticipates with excitement the
day she is a Junior in high school 
for her Junior Prom.

The dress is carefully picked-out.
The shoes, the nail polish
the hair-do. 
Every little detail must be perfect

Ah and of course the date!

The perfect match for the perfect night

Everything was exactly as this sweet girl and boy had anticipated.
My Granddaughter had a wonderful time.  She said it
was all she had expected and more.

But, my thoughts always turn to the little Princess who never
gets ask to her Junior Prom.
The ones who never get the opportunity to pick out
the perfect dress, shoes, hair-do. . .
My heart hurts for them
The hurt they feel is real, don't kid yourself and
think it really doesn't matter.  
It does matter to

I can't help but think of the ones who never 
experience being young, and happy, 
and have families and friends who love them.

Too many have shattered dreams and promises.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April Happiness ~ Easter Celebration

Hello Everyone!
Did I ever mention how much I love 
Oh yes, I do. . .and I love it even more when 
Easter is celebrated in April.
Of course I do a little decorating to show how much
I love this time of year.

Easter makes me Happy!

A new little friend, Bern the Bunny
Created by ME.
He makes me smile!

Of course Little Precious April 
Brings me joy!
For many reasons she is a special part of me.

Aside from all the cute little decorating I do for Easter,
my main focus is on the 
Savior Jesus Christ.
I like Easter. . . it is a time I can really focus
on the real reason I celebrate this sacred holiday
and other sacred holidays.
"For if there were no Easter there would be no Christmas"
(Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley)
It is so true there would be no reason for celebrating anything.
Because there would be no meaning to life, and living, and happiness
if it weren't for Easter. . .The Atonement and His Resurrection. 

Today is Palm Sunday
Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem.

This week I will continue reading  from the New Testament
in the King James Version of the Bible
about the events leading up to
 His Atonement, Crucifixion and His Resurrection.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Springtime In Utah

It is Springtime in Utah!
And it is beautiful.
Isn't it wonderful to have the
diversity of the seasons?
At times the winter can seem so long,
but I know Spring will come.

The flowers are starting to give the world some color.

I have been watching my little back yard,
 and sure enough, 
 I see things starting to poke their heads out of the ground.
It is so fun to watch the new life of springtime.

Utah is very diverse in especially our landscape.
The northern part is snow capped mountains
and southern part is red-rocks and desert.

I must say I am a little partial to the snow capped mountains
of northern Utah.
This particular mountain is one of my favorites.
Mt. Timpanogos
The Sleeping Princess.

When I look at the beauty of spring or any season, I
can't help but give thanks for the beautiful world 
in which I live in.  I stop and take it all in....
I am truly in awe with all that the Lord
has created for me and for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

His Peace

He will wipe away all tears.
He will mend broken hearts.
He is the Savior of the world.
Jesus Christ