Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Little Pruning and A Little Care

When I first moved to my little cottage condo about 6 years ago 
this little rose bush was pathetic.
 I wish I had a picture of it at that time. 
You can barely see it on the left of the porch.
It was nearly dead. . .there was no way I was going to lose 
that little rose bush.
So with a lot of tender loving care and of course pruning all the dead
from the bush, twice daily watering, and the right amount of
nourishment, my little rose bush started to have new little shoots.
She was experiencing new-growth
It took her a couple of years before she would bloom.

But look at her today!

Every spring when she begins to bloom, I can't help
but think I had a little part in her new growth.

I think my little Rose bush is a reminder to me
that I need tender loving care, I need
water, nourishment and sometimes the
pruning of the old is painful but it is part
of my new-growth, so that I can
bloom like my Rose.

Is she not beautiful.  Every time I look at her, 
which is often. . . .I smile!

Every now and then we all need a little pruning and cleaning up.
How can we ever grow with all that old dead "stuff" hanging onto us?


  1. Oh it is so beautiful. Such a pretty color too.

  2. Karie, your rose bush is so pretty. Roses are very forgiving, but with a lot of love and water she is doing very well. I am sure she knows that you love her.



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