Friday, May 26, 2017

Education~It Takes a Village

My goodness time is moving fast.  May is nearly over!  It is Memorial Weekend, which seems to kick of the summer season.  The children are out of school, and those that work in the schools are doing the "happy dance."  I can't dance very well any more, but I can shout Hooray!  I survived another school year!  Oh, yes, I continue to work as a part-time school secretary.  I am so thankful for my job and I love working in the schools, but oh my goodness when school is out for the summer, I do shout for joy. . . I survived!

This is me and all nine of my Grandchildren!
Oh, my how I love them!
They are all at various stages of their lives.
My oldest grandchild Joel,(the tall one) is getting married
in just a few weeks.  And the youngest grandchild just
finished her 5th grade year in elementary school.
I have them finishing up university studies, high school
and junior high school.  
As you can see in this picture Maya is showing all the awards
she receive at her elementary school this year.
I am proud of each one of my children. . .they have all been
educated in the public school in the Tooele County School District.
My children and my grandchildren have gone on to 
Universities, and Technical school to complete their education. 
My children and my older grandchildren all have
jobs, and are responsible.
And there are a few of my family that works for the
school district, including myself.
In my years working in the schools, I have observed and learned 
many things.  Times have certainly changed since I was a child
attending school, and they have changed from the years my
children went to school.  In today's world there are many
challenges children will face. Moral values have shifted. 
More families are in crisis, more and more children are
left in a sea of confusion to which they must figure things out 
for themselves.  I have observed that the more stability in the family
the child is better prepared to learn, to make correct choices, 
and to face whatever challenge may come along.

Another things I have observed, the more involved the
parents are in the education process, the more  likely 
the child will enjoy learning.  Oh, yes there are a few
that challenge even the best of parenting
But in my observations eventually the child will come back
to the foundation the parents have given them.
I believe we embrace the uniqueness of each other.
We are all created with gifts and talents. 

Parents, Teachers, Administrators and School Staff are all 
in this together.  It truly does take a village to raise a child.
When everyone is involved in educating a child, I have found,
the child will find it within himself to learn and to thrive.
They will become responsible adults.  They will be involved
in contributing "GOOD" to the world 

I believe this is the desire of most families, to raise our children to
be life-long learners, to make good choices, to be a contributor of
kindness, goodness, and self-reliance.  

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