Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sunshine and Blue Skies ~ Fall Decorating

Hello my friends!
Where ever you may be I hope
your day is filled with
sunshine and blue skies. . 

Kanab, Utah

I know that it isn't possible to have blue skies
and sunshine very day of our lives.
But, hey, we can dream!

Today in Utah it is beautiful.  
Thank goodness the temperature has dropped a little
the sky is blue and there is sunshine.
But. . . . as with all things, it won't last
we are expecting to have rain in the next few days.

Maybe once the weather changes I will feel like
doing some Fall decorating. . 
I just can't think of colored leaves, sunflowers,
and pumpkins when the weather is in the 
high 90's and it is still so hot!

By this time last year I was decorating
my front porch, and the inside of my house
was looking pretty good. . 

I love to decorate for fall. . 
I think it is my favorite time to 
decorate. . I like the colors
I like the flowers. . the leaves. .
The rustic look.

I found these beautiful
rustic, pumpkin, sunflowers decoration
Oh, how cute would one of these look
on my front porch?

No I did not buy them. . .Yikes!
I have some many Fall decorations. .
I have to restrain myself from buying more.

So how are you doing with your decorating?
Are you like me,  just can't get in the mood
 when the weather is too hot?