Friday, October 20, 2017

Filler and Other Things

Hello my friends, I have been doing some thinking. . I know that is a scary thought. . . .I been giving some thought to Fillers.  Yes, I said Fillers.  I like fillers. . .I fill little bowls, plates, jars, cups. etc.

With things to fill the empty space.  Right now I have a lot of fillers in various containers sitting around my house.  It is Autumn time, and I like the dried, woodsy fillers.

Tall jars, small jars, dishes, whatever it may be will most likely have some sort of filler in it.

I like the fillers. . .They are eye appealing to me.
I have noticed around my house I have containers that are filled.
With something.

So this is where I got thinking. . .!
What do I fill my life with?  I have empty spaces in my life and even in 
my heart and my soul.  What do I fill those places with.
I believe we all have little nooks and crannies and jars and vases
that we try to fill. . .But with what do we fill them with.

So I took a look at my own life and surveyed my nooks and crannies of my heart and soul
What do I fill my empty places with?  It is an on going process for me.
I certainly have some things I have filled my emptiness with and I need to replace 
the filler with something new and fresh.  I have fillers that I will never replace because
they give me peace and comfort and joy and love.
Family, my children and grandchildren.
Friends, Church, and my personal relationship with
my Savior Jesus Christ.  
No never will I replace them. . .
But there are a few empty jars and spaces in my life
I need to fill with good things. . .I need to spend more time
focused on fillers that give me happiness and I am
filled with joy and light.  

These two little fur babies of mine also fill my life with happiness
They fill my empty house with life and joy.
I am never alone because I have them.

How about you, what are your fillers?
Do you need to refresh some, and get rid of the old
and bring in new fillers. . .
Just something to think about.