Sunday, October 15, 2017

Late October Decorating

Not much to shout about!  Just a little late October decorating.  I sure have slowed down on my seasonal/holiday decorating.  I don't know what it is but I always think "what goes up must come down."
I have so much holiday decorations stored in containers.  I doubt I will ever use again.  Hey, I am getting older and the appeal of changed things out every month or so wears me out.  Oh, I will do some, but not like I once did.  That stage of my life is pretty much over.

But here is what I have done for now.

The front porch got a few little mum plants.
I like the October late afternoon shadow.

Little Teddy has a lot to do guarding the neighborhood.
A small display on the coffee table.

A small display on one of the end tables.
Do you have spots that no one ever sees?  
But I still decorate it.  I doubt I am the only 
one that notices.  I figure that is ok
it is my house and I enjoy it.

Another display on a end table people seldom see,
But I do and I like it.
The picture is of my Grandma Dot.

My The Beauty of the 
Aunt Carol Hutch

She is the reason I decorate in my kitchen area
I love this hutch.  Every day she reminds me 
of my dear Aunt Carol who loved me
And I loved her dearly.
I miss her a lot.

No matter the season, she is beautiful.
I would love her even if I didn't decorate.
The maple wood is so gorgeous.
Not a scratch on her!

My kitchen is small, and it is hard to get a full view
of the Aunt Carol Hutch.
But, you can see she is outstanding.

A few weeks ago I was finishing up the decorating.
I was on a high ladder getting the dusting and cleaning done.
When I went down from the ladder I missed the last step. . 
Well, my balance is not that great, I fell. 
I already have a leg and hip that is injured.
This time I sprained my foot, 
and hurt my leg and hip.
My children were up set with me that I was on a ladder.
But, like I told them.. . .I am use to doing things
myself.  When dusting or cleaning needs to be
done I do it.  I am not going to stop and call one of
them to come "right now" to clean and dust.
It just won't happen,  so I have got to pay more
attention to what I am doing when being on a ladder.
For me it is hard growing older.  I am a "doer." I always 
have been.  Now as I am aging I can't "do" like I
once did.  I am slower, and I have to be careful.
What a life!
Now don't get me wrong. . .I love life. . .I just don't
like some of my limitations right now.  And the 
truth is limitations will increase and not decrease.

I have to remember there are blessings to
every stage of life.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I always love to see how you decorate. It looks so nice.

  2. Thank you Sherrie, you are so sweet and kind.

  3. Everything looks lovely. I know what you mean. I down sized my decorating a few years ago. Kids are gone and now the grandkids all grown up. People so busy you are lucky to see them on the day of the holiday.


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