Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hello ~ Hello

Well hello my friends,
I really am still here.
It just seems the time got away from me. . 
Or maybe I was stuck in time!

Any hoo. . It is January. . 
And I really missed you. I visited many
blogs, but I just wasn't in the mood to show you
the same things I show all the time.
You have seen my decorations.
I don't change much from year to year.
Just starting to do less and less changing.
I like my home how it is. . .!

During the Christmas holidays I did decorate.  Very little though.
I figure what goes up must come down.
So I kept it simple.

One thing or I should say four things I am proud of
that I did during my absence from blogging
I made four Christmas quilts for my 4 children and their spouses

A Labor of Love.
I would do it a thousands times again. . 
My kids were so thrilled with the quilts.
And I was thrilled I did them.
Boy, oh boy did it take a lot of time.
I should have started months ago, but
my usual style is to think of some grand
thing at the last minute.  
I started the Christmas quilts at the end of October.
I was still binding one on the 23 of December.
But, like I said I would do it again and again.
In fact I may do quilts for all the holidays.

Well, I hope your new year is going well.
I am doing well,  and I look forward to 

Please do come back!

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