Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Family History And Projects

Well Hello!
My dear blogging friends who are still with me!
Yes, it has been awhile, but you know that is ok.
Sometimes to have to let one thing go so you can
enjoy something else.
Thanks for staying with me. . 
I think about my blog all the time
It is just not at the top of my 
"to do list".

 Lately it has been Family that has been on my list
of "to do".

Not only my children and grandchildren,
but I have been doing Family History.
Oh, what fun it is to find pictures, stories
of my ancestors.  
I love it!

 My Throw of Many Colors
 I have done a little sewing and crocheting
I just love my Throw (Afghan) of Many Colors.
It was so fun to make. I just took scraps of yarn and
away I went creating free style as I call it.
No pattern . . .just what I felt like doing at the time.

No it is not St. Patrick's Day

But, I have also been sewing.
Here are the pillow cases I made for my 
daughter, Emily.  Her Birthday is St. Patrick's Day
so of course Momma makes something 
with Shamrocks and the color green.

So there you have it.
I am busy busy.  Now Spring is here I will
be even more busy.  Between my Granddaughter's
Softball games, I have my little postage stamp 
back yard to get all ready. . 
Thanks goodness for a Grandson who is
willing to help me.
Yeah for Grandkids!!!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather

Friday, April 13, 2018

Finding Balance and Joy In Life

I am busy!
My poor little blog is suffering because I 
can't seem to find the time to enjoy posting on my blog.
I think of my followers all the time.  Thank you for 
sticking with me.  Anyway I hope some of you are 
still following.

I have found that one of the hardest things for me is to
find balance in my life.
My last post was on putting our families first.
Well, sometimes family can not always come first.
And that is ok.
I believe finding balance  and enjoying life is the
secret to happiness.  Not always am I able to
accomplish everything I set out to do,
but I do my best and some how my best
is good enough.  
An important part of balance is happiness.
Happiness in being busy, and enjoying what you
are doing.

I have been blessed with many talents.
I love to crochet, sew and do about anything
to keep my hands busy and create.

But again I can get out of balance spending too much
time crocheting. . . .(LOL)

Each day as I try to keep my life in balance.
I begin my morning, with prayer and I ask the 
Lord that I can accomplish the things that are
most important for that day.
The Lord is amazing, and He helps me to
Balance my list of "to do's" with the important
having my attention.  Some times I am
surprised at what he thinks is more important.

The trick to life is balancing all of our responsibilites
and being happy and cheerful while doing it.

Have a wonderful day with Balance!