Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Well it is July
and yes, i have been missing in action

Actually I think all the action is going on
and I am missing out

I am here, I am ok and I have only
one excuse for not posting.

I have nothing to post about!
Seriously I just live a regular life.
And my decorating has been staying the same.
So what can i say!
I guess no news is good news.  

Hopefully I will get back in the groove and
show you what it is like to just be living a regular life.
Now don't think I am complaining, I am not.
Just saying I don't have much to show or much to say.
Stay tuned. I have a few pictures on my camera and
just a few thoughts running in my mind.
I hope you are all well, and life is good.
See you in a few days.

Hugs to all