Tuesday, August 21, 2018

First Day

Hello my friends.
Today I have a few thoughts I would like to share.
It is the first day of school for most of us here in Utah.
We started today. . .I can't even begin to count the
number of "first day of school" I have gone through.
Too many to count.  
This is the "first day" of my last year in high school.
With my younger siblings.
Yes, I am the person who cried.  
My own first day and my children's first day.
I am still having first days of school.
And No, I don't cry, but oh the anxiety is high!
Just how I am wired.
Today my son posted this picture of me and him.
He is an administrator in the school district in which I work.
His caption was how many first days I have had with school
children, and I am still having first days with them.
I have to say when I saw him coming down the
hallway my heart fluttered
I was happy to see him!
Just checking on his Momma.

I have shed teas each new year with my own children.  
They were fine going to school but Mom shed tears.
My heart broke in two when I sent my first born to school
and then when I sent him to college, it about killed me.  
Oh, but sending him to a foreign country for
a mission for 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Just about did me in.

But one thing I have found in all the tears of the first day
Is am thankful for first days. . . I am thankful for DAYs 
with my loved ones.
And they always, come home to Momma!

I hope your first days are wonderful. . .

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Refuge From The Storms of Life

Hello my friends,
Well, the summer is almost to an end.  Darn!
It has been hot, which it should be. . . it is summer and it is August.
But, OH, this smoke is really causing problems for many of us.
My little valley has been really smokey from the 
wild fires that are going on in the Western United States.
Lately this is what it looks like in the mornings.
As the sun is rising. . . 
The picture doesn't capture the deep red-ish-orange the sun was.
Nor did it capture the orange sky.
It was beautiful. . .in spite of the smoke and the haze.

With each passing day, week, month or season
It is a good time for me to reflect
on the amazing life I have.  
There is goodness in many places.
We live in hard time,
 This is true
  The world is in chaos, and turmoil. 
This is true. 
But there is safety from the storms, and the fires of life.
This is true.
I find refuge in my HOME.

I feel comfort and peace in my Home.
And that is part of the reason
I like to keep my home nice.

I feel it in my everyday details

It is part of my 

The small little memories 
will brighten my day.

My strong courageous ancestors 
Will all give me comfort and refuge from the storms.

The laughter of children, and the
close family tie. . 
What a blessing of comfort they give.

My family and I enjoy an abundance of blessings
Not only in temporal blessings,
But also the blessings that come
through knowing 
The Savior
 Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 A Refuge from the Storms of life.