Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Finding Joy ~ Happiness In The Journey ~ Happy Valentine

Hello my dear friends, thank you
for staying with me as I have
been a hit and miss blogger.

I started my blog with sharing in mind.
Sharing with you my journey through life.
I like to share my talents, my home,
my love of all thing beautiful and praiseworthy.

Along the way I share with you my joy, my
happiness, my ups and my downs. 
My pillars of strength.

And since Valentine's Day is only a day away
I want to share with you 
a few of my favorite things.

Yes my Family is the light of my life.
My Faith is the pillar to hold me up.
And Friends.
Oh how empty my life would be without
these three.

These two little characters are part of my
life and oh, how I love them.
They are my loyal companions.
They love me no matter what.
And I love them.
Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash!
Who would have thought?

I am blessed and I am grateful for my
Talents. . It gives me joy and happiness
to create.
And Share.

Picture overload!

But I want to share!

And so. . . 

I wish you all a 
Happy Valentine's Day!

With love in your heart
Find the joy and happiness
in your Journey.

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  1. Karie,
    Loved this post which was filled with so much beautiful eye candy!! Love the crocheted wreath!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! It is hard letting go of certain things but I realize that the time has come to do so.....


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