Thursday, February 7, 2019

Little Amish Boys

Hello from my snow covered  part of the country
It is beautiful.

This was actually taken before the 
Big storm hit.
18 inches of snow in the valley, 
Much more in the mountains.

But the focus of my post today is not
about the snow or the beautiful mountains
that surround me.

This precious picture is what I want to tell you about.
I gave this to my Dad and Step- mother
27 years ago as a Christmas gift.

The moment I set my eyes on it I knew it
belonged to my Dad.

It now hangs in my home.
My Dad passed away 23 years ago this month.
My step-mother has moved from their home
so she can live with her daughter.
My step-mother is 86 years old
and cannot live alone.
This beautiful watercolor that my Dad loved 
so much has been returned to me.
It now hangs prominently in my living room

It was painted by
Eric Mohn
who was injured in a car accident in 1963.
He is confined to a wheelchair with
limited use of his arms.
He paints with the brush between his teeth.

My Dad was injured in a auto accident in 1955
He lived the next 40 years confined to a wheelchair.

The painting has significant meaning to me.

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