Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Home Decor Inspiration

I want to make some simple
Decorating  changes.
Nothing big, just something different
than my ordinary,
In other words 
I Am In A Rut!
So. I went visiting other homes.
Right here in Blogland,
There are a lot of
Talented Homemakers.
The first one I visited I
just happened to come upon.
I was actually looking for
Free Printables.

I like the simplicity of the door, wreath and porch

I love the coffee table

Bright open and cheerful.
Krista lives on the West Coast.
I am not a Coast decorator.
Goodness I live in-land high in the 
Mountain West.
But I like her "blue" color scheme.
I am more of a color person

 I love, love blue.
I also like the clean simplicity of
Just a cute home, I think.
And I did get a few ideas to use in my home.
Please do visit
The Happy Housie
Click HERE

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  1. Karie,
    A really pretty house!! I too am a color person ....I love picking up ideas that I can work into my own style of decorating!! I have been doing just that in the Kitchen...I am not a fan of Farmhouse but I do love certain elements of it....Happy decorating!!


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